How to remove the strong smell of vinegar?

Acetic acid is a frequent component of various household chemicals. This product has excellent disinfecting and cleaning properties. In addition, it often becomes a real magic wand in cases where you need to remove unpleasant odors - urine, mildew or mustiness. But despite all this, vinegar itself has a rather sharp and acrid aroma, which is sometimes difficult to get rid of.

Today we decided to put together useful recommendations that will help to do this without much difficulty.

Effective methods

If in the process of cleaning or cleaning you used a small amount of vinegar, and the processing took a minimum of time, you can not worry, after a few minutes the smell will disappear by itself. To speed up this process, it is enough to ventilate the room. You can also do a light wet cleaning or use a humidifier.

But if the unpleasant odor still remains, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Remove the smell from clothes is not difficult.If vinegar was accidentally spilled on things, simply wash them with a powder and hang out to dry in the open air.
  • If the soft furniture has suffered, "arm" with the dishwashing detergent. Using a soft sponge, apply it to the surface, rub it a little, rinse it with a damp sponge and dry it with an iron or a hairdryer.
  • If you need to “save” the carpet, a wonderful mixture will help. For her in a bucket of water (7-8 liters), dissolve 1 tbsp. liquid ammonia and 2 tbsp. powder. Apply to the carpet, rub, and remove the residue with a dry piece of cloth.
  • How to get rid of an unpleasant odor if it is eaten in shoes? If these are textile models that can be washed in a typewriter (moccasins, sneakers, slippers), then do so. In other cases, use ammonia solution. Moisten a cotton pad in it and wipe the surface. Please note that this should be done in a well-ventilated area.
  • Often in the process of cleaning or disinfection of dishes in the apartment remains an unpleasant aroma of vinegar. In this case, it is necessary to open the windows, and rinse the utensils themselves in a solution of warm water and table salt. The same tool can be treated tile.

If the problem could not be solved, pour dry mixture of soda and salt into small containers and place in the kitchen or room, it will do an excellent job with such a nuisance.

  • Getting rid of the smell in the fridge will also help soda. You can pour it on a sponge, wash the fridge inside, or put a small amount in a saucer, leave it overnight.

In addition to the methods presented, you can also add the use of herbs or coffee. They are placed in small fabric bags and hung around the house - natural flavors are ready for action.

In many cases, vinegar is really an assistant. In order to disinfect it, it is advised to periodically process cutting boards, trash cans, toilet bowls, as well as sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This will help to protect your home from unwanted bacteria.

But if suddenly an unpleasant odor after such procedures bothers you, one of the above ways to remove it will definitely help.

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