How to remove the front bumper?

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How to remove the front bumper?

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How to remove the front bumper?

Many drivers who want to repair their iron �horse� on their own, but are not too well versed in this area, sometimes wonder how to remove the front bumper? Indeed, only in this way it is often possible to get close to the internal structure of the car. Currently, on the Internet at any auto forum, you can ask for help on this issue for any brand of car, for example, or try to find out the sequence of actions yourself using the video.

In general, it is difficult to expect in this area of designing some innovations, so you will definitely cope with all the work, following the instructions for removing the bumper for one of the most common models - Renault Logan. Immediately put a number of screwdrivers, wrenches and socket wrenches, they are sure to be useful to you.

  • For convenience of work, first wash the car so as not to get dirty. Next, begin to unscrew the bottom screws that hold both the bumper and the mud flaps at the same time.There are three of them on each side.
  • �Then you need to release the back of the retainer and remove the caps, to increase efficiency, use a thinner screwdriver. Then it will be easier for you to remove all the clips from the bottom edge of the mudguard that hold the front bumper.
  • To improve the comfort of repair, you can completely remove the mud flaps completely, feel for the plastic nut at the top under the piston and safely unscrew it.
  • At this stage, you have to cope with the screws from the radiator frame, there are four of them. Voila, everything is ready, the bumper can be removed.

If you have another car model, it is better to make sure that the headlight design does not hinder the removal of the bumper. Indeed, in this case it is necessary to dismantle them too, otherwise you may inadvertently damage them. In general, it can be noted that it is easy to remove the front bumper, you just need to unscrew everything that is unscrewed.

Now you can safely take up the removal of the front bumper, because there are no more secrets left for you in this procedure.

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