How to remove static electricity?

Static electricity is a very unpleasant phenomenon. It can accumulate on various surfaces in the form of electric charges. Contact with such surfaces can cause sparks and unpleasant sensations - a weak pain shock. That is why the static should, if possible, get rid of. But how to remove static electricity? It all depends on what kind of surface we are talking about. After all, for the fabric we use one tool, for the hair - another, and sometimes there is static electricity in the apartment - more precisely, in the air of the apartment. Nevertheless, let us begin with the most common case - with accumulating static on clothes.

Removal of static electricity from clothing

The easiest way here is to buy a special anti-static agent, which is sold both in hardware stores and in clothing stores. Antistatic, of course, will be more expensive than other methods, however, its effect lasts much longer. The purchased product should be sprayed over the entire surface of the clothes, and not only from the front, but also from the wrong side.Of course, the total consumption of antistatic will be very high, but you can forget about static electricity on clothes treated in this way for a very long time.

Also a good way to remove static electricity from clothes is to handle it, more precisely, wiping it with an ordinary rag made of organic cotton. Only a rag should be clean. Spend her clothes on both sides - she will collect all the current statics.

Well, a little advice on clothing: try to buy things only from natural materials, since they practically do not collect static electricity, which is not the case with many artificial fabrics. Such fabrics sometimes literally sparkle from one touch to them - a sure sign of future problems.

Human static electricity

The main place of static accumulation on the human body is, of course, the head. More precisely, not even the head itself, but the hair on it. You probably noticed that when you come back from the street and take off your hat, your hair stands on end and even starts to sparkle. This means that they have accumulated a significant amount of static electricity, which can be removed in the following way.Buy a special moisturizing spray or decoction for the hair in the store and apply it on your head, then dry it with a hairdryer. However, it is not always the case only in the hair.

I know examples when people literally sparkle with statics, while no hair sprays help them. Sometimes this happens from clothes that are worn on a person - in this case, treat them with anti-static. If this does not help, try to hold the battery or touch the floor at the same time with your legs and hands - some help, because the electricity goes into the ground. Also a special option can be a special anti-static bracelet, which is sold in some stores.

How to remove static electricity in the apartment

And the cause of increased static can be “charged” air. And we'll talk about this in a bit more detail. Here, a humidifier that can remove a significant amount of static electricity in an apartment can help us.

If you do not have a humidifier, place containers with water in the house - jars, basins, pots or spray around with a spray bottle. It is necessary to jump on different surfaces, but special attention should be paid to carpets, as carpets (especially with synthetic nap) are the most common sources of static in the house.

Well, I hope my advice on how to get rid of static electricity will help you. In general, we can say the following: to avoid unpleasant statics, wear natural clothing, ground yourself and moisten the sources of static electricity. By the way, metal objects will help to significantly weaken the force of impact with such a current, with which you need to touch potentially dangerous grounded objects in the house.

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