How to reduce the temperature in a child?

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How to reduce the temperature in a child?

Every mother starts to get worried when the child suddenly has a fever. With a slight increase in body temperature, parents, as a rule, are in no hurry to give antipyretic drugs, but if the thermometer reads exceeds 38.5-39aboutC, there comes a time for urgent action.

Of course, the right decision would be to call a doctor, but before his arrival you need to help the child and alleviate his condition.

How to reduce the temperature in an infant

During the first year of life, the temperature of children is unstable and may range from 36-37.4aboutC. Slightly higher, it is usually in the evening or immediately after awakening. If the baby has a slight temperature rise, you need to find out if this is due to overheating. Ventilate the room, undress the child, and after half an hour, measure the temperature again. If it is not normalized, but on the contrary, it increases, then before the arrival of the doctor, the following measures should be taken to reduce the temperature.

  • The baby should be rest;
  • Give him plenty of drink (boiled water, baby tea or special rehydration solutions are suitable if the temperature rises with nausea and vomiting). Breastfed babies - more often applied to the breast;
  • To put a child in light clothes, not to cover with a blanket;
  • Make alcohol rubbing or water-acetic (food vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1). You can also wrap your baby with a wet diaper soaked in warm water for about ten minutes;
  • When the temperature rises above 38.5aboutWith give antipyretic, age appropriate. Paracetamol has proven to be the most effective and safe medicine in this regard.

For more information about drugs are described in the article - How to bring down the temperature in a child.

How to lower the temperature of a child of preschool and school age

To lower the temperature in older children, you can use all the same rules as for very young children, with only a small amendment.

  • Drinking can be more varied. The usual teas, including herbal, fruit compotes of dried fruit and fruit drinks will suit;
  • Instead of wrapping in a wet cloth, you can make a slightly warm bath for the child;
  • The room should be ventilated, let it be slightly cool;
  • To feed a child at an elevated temperature should be light, preferably liquid food. You can not give fatty and sweet food, because during the disease the intestine is slower and not ready to cope with such loads;
  • When the temperature rises to 39aboutWith the child you need to give a febrifuge.

Not less useful material on this topic is contained in our article - What to do at high temperatures.

Important information

The reasons for the increase in temperature are viruses, infections, inflammatory processes, to combat which our immune system mobilizes and includes its protective mechanisms. Therefore, do not knock down the temperature immediately after it appears. If it is not critical, does not exceed the permissible indications for the child’s age, the patient tolerates it relatively easily, then in such a case it is necessary to withstand some time and it is possible to wait for the temperature to drop naturally.

In all other cases: high fever, fever, delirium, severe weakness, etc.n. should take measures to reduce the temperature and always call a doctor.

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