How to pump caviar

How to pump caviarFor many people who are engaged in the gym, caviar can be a real problem area. Girls and guys often do not pay enough attention to these muscles, so they can not get the desired result. Learn how to pump big calves fast. Video lessons and a detailed description of the exercises will help you to cope with this task without any problems. The main thing is to have a strong motivation and follow the instructions clearly.


Very often athletes blame genetics for the problem of too small calves, blaming all difficulties and failures on it. But in fact, the main reason may be ignorance and lack of knowledge in this matter. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the anatomy. Note that the calves have three main muscle groups - the gastrocnemius, soleus and anterior tibial muscle. Pick up the exercise is based on the characteristics of each of them.


How to build muscle calves


You can work out in the gym or do it yourself at home. While training in the gym, you can not only use professional simulators, but also get tips from a specialist.If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, you can do it at home. To do this, you will need to prepare a place in the apartment, as well as make a clear schedule of training. In addition, you can use video tutorials and step-by-step master classes from professional trainers. We present to you exercises that will help to effectively improve the muscles of the calf.


How to pump caviar at home - exercises of varying complexity


1. Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible exercises. You need to stand on your toes and walk around the apartment. It is advisable to move in small steps, while ensuring that your knees do not bend. Very soon you will feel the tension in the muscles of the calves.
2. Exercises "springs". Standing smoothly, begin to slowly rise up on the socks so that your heels come off the floor. Then go down to the starting position. As soon as the heels touch the surface, immediately move upwards, while you need to climb as high as possible. Do this exercise about 30 times, then rest for a couple of seconds and start again. All you need to implement 3-4 such approach.
3Pick up dumbbells or regular plastic water bottles. Do the same lifts on the socks, but already with the use of the load. To begin with, you can take a dumbbell only in one hand, and the second stick to the wall, so it will be much easier for you to keep balance.
4. Complicate the task - do the previous exercises, standing on one leg. Make 4 sets 30 times for each leg.
5. Training with a platform for a tap dance is a great option to quickly pump calves at home. If you do not have one, you can simply use a thick book or a small step. Become socks on the platform so that the heels remain in the air. Climb up high on your toes, then stretch the ankle, dropping down. It is advisable to slightly touch the heels to the floor.
6. Walking down the stairs. You can train at your door, just go up and down the stairs. Train with dumbbells, while you can step on each step, and through one.
7. Squats. Do several approaches 20-30 times. You can also use dumbbells to complicate the exercise.
8.Jumping is also a good way to build muscle. In this case, you can do them with a rope or a load, creating an additional load on the calf.


Now you know how to properly pump calves, a video and a detailed description will help you increase muscle mass faster and more efficiently. The main thing is to constantly repeat the exercises and do not forget about an integrated approach.


Some tips:


  • Exercising on a step platform, as well as simply climbing toes, adjust the angle of rotation of the foot. So you can work out the right department of caviar that you would like to pump.
  • Keep your feet parallel, performing lifts to pump the middle part of the muscles.
  • To work the inside, just pull your heels together, the socks should remain apart.

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