How to protect a child from injury during a walk?

When you are just coming home from the hospital with a small ball of happiness, it seems that you are ready for everything for it - to protect, love and provide everything necessary.

While the baby is still very small and most of the time spends either in a crib or in a stroller, then to comply with some special security measures is at a minimum, because the child is not yet able to particularly hurt himself.

But this is only for the time being - your child grows, every day it becomes more mobile and active, every movement is still so uncertain, however, already capable of leading to serious injuries and consequences.

Small handles and strive to grab something, shove it in your mouth or nose, the legs are moving in the direction where the next danger lurks - the carriageway, the pond, the swing or something else, but no less dangerous to the health and even life of your beloved child

Children, in their majority, are inquisitive people, they are all interested in learning and touching,only, at the same time, they have very little everyday experience, and, therefore, they simply cannot assess the danger of the situation.

That is why injuries among children are much more common than among adults. Naturally, to protect a child from possible injuries by 100% is simply impossible, but to reduce them to a safe minimum is quite realistic. And if it is easier to see a little restless at home, then it’s harder or unrealistic to go for a walk or in a kindergarten, because your child is already under the care of teachers or nannies.

How to protect your child from injury?

Every parent must fully understand all the responsibility that is placed on him at the birth of a child - while he is small, most of the possible injuries happen solely through the fault of inattentive moms and dads. And in the street the risk increases doubly, it means that your own vigilance needs to be strengthened to the maximum.

Naturally, it is impossible to walk around the handle and control every step of the child, but to be there and, if necessary, to have time to come to the rescue is simply necessary.

A lot depends on the child’s age - children from one year to three still understand very poorly what is “dangerous” and the problem is that this point cannot be explained to him.

That is why it is very important that at this age, children are always close to their parents, because it is dangerous for them, from the roadway to the garbage on the sites, which you want to tighten in your mouth, swinging swing, older children who do not understand that can their games harm the younger comrade.

It is advisable to choose such places and sites where your child will be safest - away from roads, rivers or other water bodies.

If this is a playground, then make sure that the structures on them are safe and suitable for the age of your child. The most common platforms are equipped with slides, swings and horizontal bars of the “Web” or “Ladder” type.

Often there are too low sides on the slides, which means that it is easy to take off from them, there are no backs or armrests on the swings, which deprives the child of fixation, therefore such places should be avoided.

It is imperative to conduct preventive conversations with older children - explain what is painful and dangerous, explain the rules of the road, learn how a traffic light works, and so on.

For this, there are many special literature, fairy tales, cartoons and toys. Perhaps explaining simple, at first glance, things will not be one or even two times, much is learned only in practice.

For many parents, the first trip of a child to a kindergarten or a circle becomes a real stress, because they can no longer protect their own child, and they will have to rely only on their acquired mind and the responsibility of caregivers, which is also not always a guarantee of safety. What to do in this situation?

Remember that from all in the world abrasions and cones to protect is unrealistic, and it is not necessary - sometimes only because they acquire the necessary life experience.

And in order to minimize these injuries, it is very important to deal with the child from the very childhood and to acquaint him with all possible dangers. For example, put the baby's pen for a moment to something hot or cold, show that it's unpleasant, that's how a little man will learn to realize the real danger.

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