How to care for dyed hair?

Hair dyeing is not news today; every second woman resorts to this not tricky, but, nevertheless, effective procedure that allows you to transform in a short time and achieve the best look of your own hair.

Indeed, in the first week after dyeing, the curls look fresh and luxurious: they shine, comb well and fit, tone the skin and delight the eye.

It would be just wonderful if such an effect would remain as long as possible, but, unfortunately, the farther away, no trace of the former beauty remains: curls dull, start to tangle and break, it is difficult to comb and stack them, and to do something, it can turn into a “straw” at all.

What to do? Do not paint them every week to achieve the desired effect? Or not to paint at all? But what if this option does not suit you in any way? It's simple: you need to learn how to properly care for dyed hair, and then most of your problems just evaporate.You say that there is difficult? He washed his head, he put his favorite balm and it was all over with it!

But there it was: if you have already decided on this step, you should know that now your head of hair will take away much more free time from you, naturally, if you want to achieve its worthy appearance.

How does it hurt?

To learn how to maintain a balance between beautiful and healthy hair, you need to understand the process of staining: most modern paints contain certain chemical compounds, most often ammonia, which, penetrating inside each hair, causes the covering flakes to unfold.

As a result, he pushes your native pigment and fills the void with a new color. It is not difficult to guess that with such an effect, the structure of your hair is significantly impaired, the hairs lose moisture, the flakes unfold, which creates a confused and untidy look of the whole hairstyle, and the scalp is dried and degreased. The results of such procedures can end very badly, especially if you do not use important recommendations in time.

Of course, there is an alternative: you can resort to gentle hair dyeing, most often, such technologies eliminate the use of ammonia. The downside is that they are either extremely costly, or short-lived: staining with henna or basma.

Moreover, with their help, it is far from always possible to achieve the desired shade, but even if this option suits you, you need to resort to the special protection of colored curls.

How to care?

The main problem of dyed hair in the "drop-down" scales, which can be smoothed with the help of high-quality conditioner (usually a salon or professional cosmetics). As a rule, such conditioners neutralize the dye, as a result, the curls again become smooth and silky, however, the whole effect is up to the first washing of the head.

First of all it is necessary to remember that the care of dyed hair involves the use of specialized cosmetics. On the packaging, it should be stated: "For colored hair." This applies to shampoos, balms, masks and any other cosmetics. As a rule, the means of professional cosmetics are more qualitative in this matter, but they are more expensive, that's why everyone chooses by means.

You will have to forget about ordinary shampoos, because the hair, after it becomes susceptible to staining, you can say, it “forgets” its native type and now it belongs to the “painted” list. It should even be noted that the previous shampoos and other products can be disastrous for you now: the scales will bristle even more and the paint is washed out.

It is advisable to choose a good shampoo and conditioner, it is also important that they are of the same brand, because most often, serious manufacturers try to select their composition so that they complement each other.

Every week, a special mask for colored hair should be applied to the wet curls, which works according to the nutrition and moisturizing system, which is especially important for dried hair.

Also do not forget that it is unacceptable to blow-dry or use curling irons on dyed hair, because they are already deprived of a large amount of moisture, and thus you are depriving them of the latter. If you urgently need to dry your head, it is better to set the regime of cool air.

Also, we must not forget that full staining of the entire head can be carried out, not more often, 2 times a year,and the rest of the time it is better to try to maintain their attractive appearance: with the help of all the same cosmetic products that not only enhance the color, but also strengthen their structure.

Home Care Products

It is possible to care for colored locks without the help of professional cosmetics, without having to go to salons and spend huge amounts of money on modern-fashioned balms, masks, and similar means. At home, national recipes become excellent protection and care, which, however, will require regular and rather long-term use from you.

But the effect is worth the effort! The easiest and most popular option is to use ordinary chicken eggs. It turns out that they contain a large number of useful and nutrients, they have a beneficial effect on both the hairs and the scalp, and therefore it is not at all strange that egg yolks are frequent guests of various home masks.

The easiest way is to beat two chicken eggs in a glass of warm water, wet the head thoroughly, and then rub the prepared mass into the scalp. After that, you must thoroughly rinse the head, rub one yolk into the head and leave the hair for 10 minutes (you can wrap it in a bag).

At the end of time, rinse everything off again with cool water. It is necessary to repeat this procedure once a week. Not bad for the color and shine of the hair is affected by rinsing with various broths: chamomile, lemon juice, sage.

If after staining your hairs began to fall out strongly, then you need to intensify their growth: for this purpose masks based on onions and yolks, red pepper or mustard are ideal. Again, it is enough to repeat such procedures once a week, however, at least, otherwise the whole effect will disappear.

By the way, in order not only the hair, but also the whole body to take on a more blossoming and healthy appearance, it is necessary to take natural vitamins, because, for the most part, we can receive nutrition from the inside.

It is preferable to take not a separate some kind of vitamin A or E, but a whole complex, since such drugs are better absorbed by the body and have a brighter effect.

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