How to play sports if you are breastfeeding?

Many young mothers almost immediately after the appearance of the baby begin to think about how to quickly bring themselves to their former form and get rid of extra pounds. The ideal assistant on the way to a slim figure is sport. But can they be engaged in breastfeeding?

Is it possible to play sports while breastfeeding?

So is it possible to play sports during lactation? Some people think that this is not worth doing, because during training, lactic acid is produced in actively working muscles, which allegedly can change the taste of milk and spoil it.

In fact, such a substance is synthesized, but with properly selected loads, its quantity is so insignificant that it simply cannot affect milk. So do not worry about the fact that the baby refuses to breast.

How can workouts affect breastfeeding?

So, how does lactation affect sports? If everything is done correctly, then practically nothing.But regular training will definitely improve your body shape. But if classes are exhausting, then this will lead to fatigue, and because of the serious stress placed on the body, the amount of milk may well decrease. If overstrained systematically, then it may disappear altogether.

There is another important point. During lactation, the breast is filled with milk, the mammary glands are actively working, because of which they become more vulnerable. And when performing too complex exercises increases the risk of their damage, which often lead to such an unpleasant disease as mastitis.

When to start?

When can I start playing sports? Everything will depend on how the delivery went. So, if they were natural and not complicated, then some of the simplest exercises can begin to be performed in a few days, this will speed up the process of contraction of the uterus, as well as return the stretched and relaxed abdominal muscles to their previous state. But full-fledged training is better to postpone at least a month, so that the body has time to recover from pregnancy and childbirth and gain strength.

If the baby was born as a result of Caesarean section, this complicates the situation. In this case, you can begin to engage no earlier than two or three months after the operation, that is, when the seam is completely healed (otherwise it may disperse).

To determine the optimal time for yourself, you should assess your condition and consult a doctor.

What kinds of sports are prohibited?

What kind of sports you should not do nursing mom?

  • Athletics and other types, in which there are elements such as running or active and numerous jumps (such as step aerobics, classical aerobics, tennis, pamp). Sudden movements can cause injury to the mammary glands. Although when the lactation is adjusted, and the milk stops coming constantly, then such training will become possible, but on condition of a properly selected supporting bra.
  • Power sports. They are associated with excessive loads, which can adversely affect lactation, in particular, the amount of milk.

What sports are suitable?

Allowed nursing mothers sports a lot.So, it will be useful to swim, which will not only improve muscle tone and tighten the body, but also to calm down and relax. But it is important that the pool water is warm, as cold water can lead to hypothermia and mastitis.

You can also do fitness, walking, yoga, Pilates or shaping. Some other directions are available, and you should pay attention to those that you like. But when choosing a suitable sport it is worth remembering that each of them has contraindications.

How to do?

So where to start? If you plan to do thoroughly, it makes sense to enroll in a sports club. But in this case it will be necessary to leave the baby, and not all mothers can do it. If you do not have this opportunity, then you can effectively train at home. Help in this video tutorials.

If you didn’t know the sport before (that is, before pregnancy), then you should start with the basics, as difficult exercises, firstly, will exhaust you, and secondly, they can be traumatic. If you are actively involved in sports both before pregnancy and during the period of gestation, then you can train at almost full strength, because your body is ready for such loads.

Important rules

The basic principles of harmless, effective and safe training during breastfeeding:

  1. If you are worried that the lactic acid produced by the muscles can get into the milk and affect its taste, then it is better to start training immediately after feeding, in this case the substance will have time to be processed and disintegrated. In any case, classes should end no later than an hour and a half before the next feeding.
  2. If you are a beginner, then first choose the easiest exercises and perform the minimum number of repetitions. Gradually increase the number of sets and pace. Then try to move to more complex elements.
  3. Do not overwork, because it can lead to the fact that you will lose milk. If you feel tired, rest and recuperate.
  4. Avoid exercises that involve sudden movements, such as jerks, jumps. Also, discard the force elements.
  5. Choose comfortable clothes. It is advisable to wear a special supporting sports bra, a T-shirt and shorts (or tights and hoodies, if the room is cool).
  6. Avoid dehydration, it is especially dangerous for nursing mothers, because liquid is required to produce milk.To protect yourself, during the workout and after it, drink water (regular purified or mineral).
  7. Carefully monitor your condition. If you feel weak or dizzy, stop exercising immediately.
  8. Do not forget to eat right. The diet should certainly include meat, fish, cereals, cereals, fruits, berries, vegetables, vegetable oils, dairy products.
  9. It is advisable to practice regularly, namely at least two or three times a week.
  10. If the child does not allow you to train, then select special exercises for mothers and babies who assume to be performed in tandem, that is, with a crumb in their arms.
  11. Remember that classes should bring joy. After training, you should feel light, pleasant tiredness and tension in the muscles. If you feel pain and exhaustion, then the load should be reduced.
  12. Pay special attention to problem areas. And the most problematic of them for many mothers is the stomach. But do not forget to load other parts of the body so that the workouts are as useful and effective as possible. But strain your chest is not worth it.

Let the workout be useful and effective and do not affect lactation.

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