How to organize the best wedding?

A wedding is always an exciting and often large-scale event, to which they begin to prepare well before the scheduled date. For a wedding to be chic, you need to plan in advance all the important details.

We will help you with this by providing a detailed plan for preparing for a great celebration.

Wedding organization: we take into account all the moments

To prepare well, start to think about a holiday plan in about six months before the intended celebration.

  1. For 6 months it is important to prepare a detailed and logical plan in which to prescribe what needs to be done and when. You need to select the office of the registrar, go there and book a marriage date. Decide what kind of registration will be: just a painting or a ceremony with departure. It is important to determine the witnesses, make a sample list of guests and think about honeymoon.
  2. 3 months before the wedding, make a final list of guests, make invitations to the wedding and send them.It is necessary to decide how you will celebrate the celebration. If it is a banquet hall, then you need to find a suitable one and agree in advance with the owner on all the important nuances that you specify closer to the wedding. It is important to book a room early so that others do not occupy it. You can also rent an inexpensive cottage for the weekend if you are planning a chic and large-scale celebration for two days.
    A cottage for a wedding in the country is a great option to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a holiday in nature at any time of the year. Along with the booked cottage, you can also get a range of entertainment services that you and your guests will enjoy: a swimming pool, sauna, billiards, etc. Look at this option if you have the desire and enough money. Also in the three-month period it is time to look for a wedding dress and suit, make-up artist and hairdresser. If you are planning toastmaster, then you need to decide on the candidacy.
  3. For two months you need to finally choose and buy a wedding dress, costume and accessories for them, wedding rings. Find a photographer and videographer, negotiate with them, tell you what photos and videos you want to get in the end. You can also make an advance payment for the banquet hall or restaurant, choose a festive menu.
  4. For a couple of weeks it's time to think about a bachelor party and a hen party. Bride's time to prepare for the holiday: go to a beautician, go to the solarium, if necessary, and so on. Required test fitting dress and costume. It is important to contact all those involved in preparing for the celebration, to check that everything is in order. If the bride and groom are going on a honeymoon trip, then you need to buy vouchers, make a list of things you need to travel.
  5. On the eve of the wedding, the bride needs to do the final procedures: manicure, pedicure, epilation. You also need to collect things for a honeymoon trip, check that everything is ready for the wedding in the best possible way, and then celebrate bachelor parties and hen parties.
  6. On the wedding day in the morning, it is important to sleep and wake up in a cheerful mood, pick up a boutonniere and a bridal bouquet, a wedding cake from a candy store. Before traveling to the registry office, you need to check the availability of passports, payment receipts, wedding rings. Do not forget to bring champagne and sweets for a walk.

Following this general plan, you can carefully and efficiently organize your wedding. If you are planning an unconventional celebration, then it is also better to start preparing several months before the expected date.

Ideas for a non-traditional wedding

You can choose a specific scenario for your celebration that will turn your wedding into a costume action. Determine the right idea and try to implement it, or contact the festive agency that organizes everything according to the upper class. If desired, the wedding itself can be played in a traditional style, and the bachelorette party and bachelor party can be made themed.

  1. Wedding in Indian, Japanese or Oriental style. It is not necessary to arrange the whole ceremony in this way, it will be enough, for example, to choose a restaurant with oriental cuisine and design in order to immerse yourself in a special atmosphere.
  2. A wedding on the water is a romance and a pleasant magic story at the same time. You can choose a celebration on the boat under the splashing of the waves, fresh wind, light music. Ideal for a warm summer.
  3. A wedding in the style of any magical story, for example, Alice in Wonderland. Entourage is important, design - create a special atmosphere that will be expressed in a visual way.
  4. Marching wedding is an option for young people who love nature. After the traditional painting in the registry office, you can go with the guests to a beautiful place by the water and spend a couple of romantic evenings in nature, sitting by the fire and listening to songs with a guitar.

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