How to open a bath restoration business?

How to open a bath restoration business?

How to open a bath restoration business?

Now in no other city can it do without firms or private entrepreneurs who are engaged in the restoration of baths. Being engaged in this activity, you will always have customers, and therefore a regular income. In addition, it is not difficult to start this business, you should not have any problems with it. In this business, the most important thing is to do your job very well, to set a reasonable price for customers, and not to be an irritant for your competitors by setting very low prices, and not to annoy customers with the price of heaven. In this article we will explain how to open a bath restoration business, and perhaps this will help you find your way in business.


Economic and social aspects



There is not a single apartment where there is no bathroom, which is equipped to all standards. But all plumbing has the ability to ever fall into disrepair and it will need repair and restoration. Most problems await us when it is necessary to replace the bath.In the beginning, this cumbersome construction will have to be dismantled, after which it must somehow be taken out of the bathroom. Most likely, as a result of this, the walls, tiled floors and the floor will be damaged. Then you need to bring and complete the installation of a new bath, which is also a lot of money. But it is much easier and much less expensive to do such an operation as the restoration of the bath.


What is a typical client of a bath restoration company? Often, this is the average Russian who has the same low income: these are pensioners who count every penny, tenants or landlords who need only cleanliness in the apartment they rent. And the factor uniting these people is modest means, as well as the desire to save. With the help of the restoration procedure of the baths, it is possible to keep within even a relatively small budget, and your bathtub will delight you with a shining new tint, have a decent appearance and generally heal a new life.


Technology of restoration of bathtubs



At the moment there are 3 types of technology for the restoration of baths. All of these methods have both disadvantages and advantages.


Method one



Liquid acrylic is used as a restoration material. The uneven surface of the bath is cleaned, rust and other types of defects are cleaned. After that, the surface is degreased and extremely carefully covered with the material for restoration - acrylic. It is necessary to pour evenly along the walls from the edges until a smooth surface is formed. It does not happen then, since all the irregularities are completely filled. It should also be noted that the strength of such a coating is much higher compared to the enamel surface. Acrylic has excellent thermal insulation and has a wonderful appearance. Among the shortcomings can be called the fact that before pouring, it is necessary to remove the drain, as well as the presence of harmful fumes. In addition, compared to the enamel coating, acrylic coating is much more expensive.


Second way



You can also use ready-made acrylic liners, which are simply installed in the bath. This option is quite simple, operational, shockproof and durable, and this bath serves up to 15 years.


Third way



This method is the cheapest, affordable, and, therefore, traditional.Standard enamel coating, which accompanies preparation and cleaning of the working surface. First, a working composition is applied to the enamel, then a hardener, and if you want to get a bathroom of a different color, then in addition a color color. After a 2-minute drying of the first layer, a final glossy layer is applied. They wait about a week until complete drying, and only after that the bath is allowed to be used for its intended purpose. If everything is done correctly, but for at least 5 years your bathtub will still serve you flawlessly, then the painting is repeated.


Be aware that the work related to the restoration of the old bath enamel requires the application of physical efforts and skills, as well as considerable patience and diligence in the matter. But if there is a need for professional services, then the main thing is to take into account the qualifications of a specialist and his ability to properly contact with clients. If the work is done with a soul, and besides this, unobtrusive advertising of its services is added to it, the flow of customers can not be exhausted by the effective "word of mouth".



How to open a bath restoration business?

How to open a bath restoration business?



In order to know how to open a bath restoration business you do not need to have large capital - you only need to have about $ 1,500. This amount will include consumables - $ 400-500, tools - $ 200, advertising, and the creation of your site - about $ 1,000. It must be remembered that the site will be the best advertising, because it is mono to present some examples of your work. Do not hesitate and put on the site the satisfied faces of your customers, rejoicing that they now have a new old bath, and the site should have a section for suggestions and feedback.


At the first stage, most likely you will not need a separate office, you can take applications yourself or use one of your family members to do this.



Profitability of business



For the procedure of restoration of one bath you will need to buy materials worth about 1.5 thousand rubles. For work on the coverage of one bath you will have to request from the client from 3 to 5 thousand rubles. Even if you can complete only one order per day, anyway, the business can already be called quite profitable. The main number of orders is shifted for the summer period due to the seasonality of work. But, it should be remembered that the main criterion for such work is high quality.And if everything is done at a high level, then no competitors will be afraid of you.

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