How to name a page?

March 26, 2015
How to name a page?

Almost every person in the world now has its own page on the social network. And many people have a page in every existing social network. Therefore, the question may involuntarily arise, but how to name the page? To help the reader, we will consider which settings should be followed in selecting the name for a page on a social network.

Choose a title for your page

Of course, choosing a name for a page is easy. After all, you are unlikely to promote your page. If you own a public, that is, a group, then you should already seriously think about the name, since it can greatly affect the promotion.

As for the owners of an individual page, their popularity will depend not on the title, but on the content that is contained on the page and the popularity of the person as a whole.

It is recommended to choose your nickname primarily based on the specifics of social networks. For example, VKontakte is most often used for entertainment, so you should call yourself simple.However, if the page has a business character, it is better to choose your real name and surname.

On Twitter, as a rule, choose the original nicknames - it is necessary to attract readers.

In Classmates, people usually look for childhood friends, so you can use your nicknames.

In general, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Call yourself by real surname, first name and patronymic, you can somewhat modify your first and last name to come up with a nickname.
  • You can also use a foreign name or make a foreign equivalent from your name. For example, the name Julia is easy to remake in Julia.
  • Use as the title of the page the name of your favorite movie hero, the character from the book series, as well as simply unusual names. For example, you can call yourself Kys, Bellatrix, Hermina, and so on;
  • Finally, you can use a special nickname generator. One of these is.

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