How to make the house more beautiful?

Now a lot of professional designers are working on the creation of ideal interiors. The services of such specialists can be accessed without difficulty. But it is much more interesting, of course, to decorate the house yourself. In addition, it is much cheaper. We will give you some tips on how to make your home more beautiful. If you have a garden plot or even a small front garden in front of the windows, then our tips will also be useful to you: you will learn how to make your house and garden beautiful by combining them into a single image.


From time immemorial, flowers are a constant decoration of any room. It is better to give up the temptation to acquire an artificial plant: they give the interior heaviness and mourning, and, in addition, their use is considered bad taste.

If the durability of a flower is your priority, it is better to choose a live plant inHome decorationpotted For such a plant should be well cared for, not howling about the individual needs of each such plant. You can make the whole composition of the spreading, flowering and climbing plants.Flower pots can be a separate decoration.

For the interior in the style of "minimalism" is great dracaena, sprouted twigs of bamboo. If the room reigns romantic style, flowering plants will be useful - indoor violet, azalea, rose. In an extravagant bold design, an elegant anthurium will look great. Universal decoration of any style - orchid. Cactus can also fit into any design. From small cacti can make an original collection.

Cut flowers will delight with beauty only a few days, it is very important to remove the fading bouquet in time.

Dried bouquet can please the eye for much longer. You can master the oriental art of ikebana creation and combine dry twigs with fresh cut flowers in compositions.


All kinds of figurines,How to decorate the houseminiature and large, photo frames, candlesticks, souvenirs brought from distant countries - all this will maximize your personality and fill your home with pleasant memories. The main thing here is a sense of proportion. With such accessories it is very easy to overdo it by cracking the shelves. Remember: the smaller the decor, the better it looks at each element.


Home textiles bring a touch of warmth and comfort. It is very easy to arrange the color accents of the room with the help of pillows that contrast with the interior or are matched to it. Now pillows are not only square and rectangular, but also other most unusual forms.

Hanging new curtains and covering the sofa with a rug, you can change the interior beyond recognition, without resorting to repair. You can also sew covers for upholstered furniture, match colors to match curtains, change the image of a room depending on the season and mood.


Light accents can visually correct the space, give the interior the desired mood.

The design of light sources is also very important. This may be hidden lights for a minimalist style or a variety of chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps for the classic decoration of the room.


Whatever pictures you like, the main thing is to remember that they should be placed at eye level, and the size of the canvas should be in harmony with the area of ​​the wall.

How to combine the design of home and garden

If you have a garden near the house, then you should also think about how beautifully it can be decorated - this will make your home more comfortable outside.Even if your garden is limited to a small area under the windows, you can make it a harmonious continuation of the interior of the house.

If your interior is designed with the style of "minimalism", then the front garden can be decorated inWe decorate the housealpine slides. This technique is now very popular. Grasses, wildflowers, cereals and ornamental shrubs create the image of a mountain meadow.

If the apartment is in a classic style, then you can decorate the front garden with chic peonies and delicate roses, to give a luxury look outside the window.

When planting flowers, it is important to remember that a successful composition implies an arrangement of plants in which no beautiful flower is “lost” in the foliage. To do this, higher plants should be in the background of the review, and low-growing - on the periphery.

Various statuettes, beautiful stones, lovely garden gnomes will find their place among flowers and foliage. Such interesting decorations will make your little garden unusual and a bit mysterious. You can even make a small artificial lake, a fountain, a bridge. The main thing - do not overdo it with the decorations of the garden. Remember: these are not exhibitions of garden decorations, and plants should play the main role here.

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