How to make room more visually?

We select colors and geometric patterns

Probably, some from the time of the school bench remember that white color visually increases objects, and black narrows things. Thus, for a small room it is recommended to choose wallpaper and furniture in bright colors. Do not be afraid that they will merge into one big white spot. Just need to play a little with shades.
It is best to pick furniture a little darker than the walls.
It is recommended to opt for pastel and cold colors, as they allow you to make the space wider, but it is better to refuse acid shades. They attract too much attention and visually reduce the size of the room.
Some designers take on themselves one interesting technique - they deliberately glue one wall with wallpaper with a geometric pattern, while the other three are left in neutral beige or light colors.It is important to remember that the pattern on the wallpaper should not be too small or consist of a large contrasting ornament.
If you have low ceilings in your house, then it would be advisable to paste wallpaper with vertical geometric stripes, they will “stretch” the room upwards. The ceiling will seem higher. Also, do not use a contrast border, most of all in this case, suitable ceiling baguette, painted white. And for those who are not afraid to experiment, you can recommend a glossy stretch ceiling with good reflectivity, or a mirrored stretch ceiling.

We select furniture

For smaller rooms, multifunctional furniture is best suited, which when folded takes up little space. It can be a chair-bed, sofa-bed, folding tables and so on. In addition, all this furniture should have a fairly compact size and not look cumbersome. You should not buy sofas with too voluminous cushions, it is better to adhere to strict geometric shapes.
You can also increase the space of the room by hanging a large mirror on one of the walls.
It is recommended to pay attention to the furniture and furnishings made of glass: tables, figurines, vases, lamps. All of them are designed to make the room more light and weightless.
In general, designers recommend owners of small apartments to decorate their home in minimalism style and avoid a large number of various souvenirs, photo frames, figurines and other small things that create a feeling of clutter.

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