How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

Favorite by many toys, bearing the name of the famous hero from "Ghostbusters", continues to win the hearts of children and adults. Otherwise how to explain that the lizuna - this soft, shapeless, viscous lump, similar to both liquid and plasticine - is trying to do everything now? On the Internet you can find a lot of recipes for mixing special composition, among which are very simple and require the use of literally improvised means. We are ready to talk about the easiest ways of making handgum, which virtually everyone can realize at home.

How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

The secret of obtaining a "liquid plasticine", capable of being unusually soft and returning to its original shape, is the use of special components. The main one is sodium tetrabonate. Handgam manufacturers use this substance, adding only dyes to it. What to do if sodium tetrabonate get nowhere? It's simple: you just need to find him worthy.substitute! But can lizun without sodium tetraborate turn out to be real: moderately viscous and viscous? What materials will help replace this important component? How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate at home? Let's figure it out!

Ways to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

A variety of materials that, individually or in combination with other substances, are capable of exhibiting properties that are very similar to the properties of a real “shop” lizun will help make a toy popular all over the world. So, let's look at examples of making toys from all that can be found in any home: clay, gelatin, flour, starch, shampoo, liquid soap, soda and glue.

Lick of plasticine and gelatin

How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

The following ingredients are needed for our first toy recipe:

  • clay (100 g);
  • gelatin (20 g);
  • cold water (100 ml).

This method of making lizun is very simple.

  1. First of all, pour the gelatin into any metal container, pour the same water (about 50 ml) and set aside our mixture for 30-40 minutes.
  2. After that, slightly heat the mass (not boiling) and make sure that the gelatin is completely dissolved.
  3. We take another container and prepare the clay: cut it into small pieces, pour the remaining water, put it on the fire and bring our mixture to almost boiling.
  4. Once the clay has completely melted, add gelatin to it and mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

The toy is ready!

Shampoo without sodium tetraborate

How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

If the previous method is more suitable for parents, because it is associated with the use of a gas or electric cooker, then this is perfect for any child. This time we will need:

  • Shampoo (50 ml). We recommend using a simple shampoo, without air conditioning and other impurities. Remember that the color of the shampoo will determine the color of our Lizun.
  • PVA glue (it may need up to 150 ml). The best option - glue PVA brand Titan.
  • Food color (about 3-5 g) The best choice will be the composition, which is designed for coloring Easter eggs. It contains natural ingredients, therefore it is safe.

Lizun production according to this “recipe” is carried out in a similar way:

  1. In the capacity for mixing the ingredients, first place the shampoo, then begin to stir it, gradually adding the PVA glue. It is very important to monitor the consistency of the resulting mass.
  2. As soon as our lizun becomes moderately stingy, we stop adding glue.

Do not forget that our shampoo can always be dyed with dye: it must be added immediately - even before glue.

Glue and starch

How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

Home run out of shampoo? Offer your child another interesting way to make a lizun. We will need:

  • starch (150 g);
  • glue PVA (up to 100 ml);
  • dye (5 g) - in its quality can make ordinary gouache;
  • water (100 ml) - it is not needed if liquid starch is used.

Again, mix all the ingredients in a suitable container, until the mass becomes homogeneous and sufficiently viscous.

You can not find a home starch? Do not worry, try to replace it with glue:

  • water (100 ml.),
  • PVA glue (50 ml.),
  • dye (food or gouache);
  • soda (1 tablespoon).

Mix the glue with soda and dye, add water - everything, lizun ready!

Flour and Water Lick

How to make Lizun without sodium tetraborate

Another available recipe in which we need:

  • flour (150 g);
  • water (about 100 ml);
  • dye (3 to 5 g).

Be sure to invite your child to make such a lizun yourself:

  1. Let it put in a suitable container about 150 g of flour, and after that pour cold water into it, and then - a little bit hot.
  2. Next, add any existing natural dye and mix all the ingredients until smooth.
  3. The mixture should be cooled, so put our lizuna in the fridge. After 2-3 hours our toy is ready!

Video: how to make a house at home without sodium tetraborate

The only thing that can prevent you from making a quality toy is the wrong selection of the number of components in the mixture.

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