How to make Lizun of toothpaste

Not all children's toys can be called truly interesting or unusual. The famous lizun - the hero of the popular movie "Ghostbusters" - certainly belongs to the category of toys that surprise, despite its simplicity. A soft mass that can then spread like water, then gather in a tight lump, bouncing off a hard surface - such a toy would be happy to have at your disposal any child. But you can make a lizun at home!

How to make Lizun of toothpaste

The secret of any handgum (handgum) lies in the unique properties of the mass, as part of which there are substances that endow the lizun with the qualities of soft clay. All that is needed in this case is to select the necessary ingredients and mix them to the desired consistency. There are many “recipes” for making handgam on the net. The most affordable are traditionally those that do not require some rare materials. We propose to make a lizuna from what is in every home: from toothpaste and PVA glue.Follow our recommendations, and you will learn how to make a toothpaste lick and not spend money on buying this popular toy in the store!


The proposed method will help to make a lizun in just a few minutes, although before using the toy it must be given time to cool.

So, the necessary materials:

  • Toothpaste,
  • PVA glue,
  • small capacity (suitable and a regular plastic bag),
  • mass mixing stick.

This recipe can always be supplemented with dyes or other ingredients, such as small beads or sparkles. We do not recommend adding something extra, but we recommend that you simply choose a toothpaste of some original color for making a toy.

Step-by-step instructions for making toothpaste lizun

So, to get a high-quality homogeneous mass, we need to very thoroughly mix all the components:

  1. We extrude approximately half a tub of toothpaste into a container or bag.
  2. Gradually add to the toothpaste polymer glue, not forgetting to stir the resulting mass.
  3. We closely monitor the consistency of the consistency and the viscosity of the mass.As soon as the lizun has become moderately volatile, we stop the process of adding glue.
  4. Once again thoroughly mix the entire composition and place it in the fridge.
  5. After 30 minutes we get our Lizun and enjoy its amazing properties!

How to make Lizun of toothpaste

On a note! It so happens that from the first time to make a quality lizuna does not work. The reason for this is the wrong selection of the ratio of the amount of toothpaste and glue. Unfortunately, no universal advice can be given here, since different toothpastes can differ greatly in the set of their components. In addition, they often contain additional substances or granules, which are not always suitable in their properties to participate in the creation of lizuna - soft and friable mass.

How to make "shop" lizuna?

The optimal set of ingredients — exactly the one used by official manufacturers of such toys — includes a substance called sodium tetraborate. If this powder is added to the polymer glue, it will be possible to obtain a mass, according to its characteristics, which most fully corresponds to this “shop” lizun.

So, take:

  • PVA glue,
  • sodium tetraborate,
  • suitable capacity
  • stirring stick
  • gouache (she will act as a dye),
  • Warm water (we will use it if the mixture gets too thick).

Here, the optimum amount of glue and sodium tetraborate is easier to pick up, since the finished homogeneous mass will acquire the consistency we need right before our eyes. As soon as the softness and viscosity of the limestone seem to us sufficient, you just need to stop the process of adding this substance to the glue. Everything - the famous toy is ready!

How to make Lizun of toothpaste

On a note! A few words must be said about storing lizuna. The best choice for this will be an airtight container (for example, a plastic box with a tight-fitting lid), which will save our toy from water, moisture or direct sunlight. Of course, playing with the lizun, too, will have to save weight from such contact. In this case, Lizun will preserve its properties for a long time: it will not dry and will not become excessively liquid. And yet, practice shows that the average "life span" of a toy made at home does not exceed one week.Well, this is an excellent reason to make another lizuna, but in a different color!

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