How to make home shugaring?

Healthy, beautiful and smooth skin is a must for a well-groomed appearance. Excessive vegetation spoils the appearance, so the girls are constantly inventing new effective ways to get rid of it. Shugaring has become one of the latest inventions in this area. If you properly prepare a paste for shugaring and skillfully use it, then soon you will get an excellent result - smooth skin without a single extra hair! Let's take a closer look at how to make shugaring at home.

Means for shugaring

In the network you will find recipes for preparing a suitable product at home - you can make a good pasta with your own hands. If you are not confident in your abilities or are just trying a new method and want to understand whether you are sugaring or not, purchase a ready-made treatment tool. In the store you can buy a good paste for shugaring in St. Petersburg.

What does a purchase paste consist of and how does it act on the skin?

Paste removes hair on the growth line. This is a suitable for all type of hair removal, except for those who are allergic to citric acid - then it is better to choose glucose or fructose in the composition.

If you decide to choose a purchase paste, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product and study the instructions for use - in the case of a large number of chemical components, it is better to refuse the product.

High-quality pasta and competent procedure give an excellent result. The shugaring procedure itself has several advantages:

  • Using the paste is easy and convenient;
  • Hair does not grow after it;
  • Products for shugaring are inexpensive;
  • Good shugaring products are hypoallergenic and helpful (see composition);
  • The procedure is painless when properly performed;
  • You can use at home.

In general, the procedure does not bring pain, but individual painful sensations may occur for the following reasons: biorhythms and time of day, menstrual cycles, sensitivity, temperature of the paste, woman's emotionality. To make it as comfortable as possible, perform it better at home in a relaxed evening setting, taking a warm shower.

Shugaring procedure: instruction

  1. Prepare the skin, clean it against hair growth.
  2. To improve the procedure, use a special tool before and after the procedure.
  3. Apply paste against hair growth.When she "grabs" the hairs, they need to be removed by growth. This method will help avoid breaking the hairs in the process of their removal.

What you need to know?

  • The procedure must be repeated once every three weeks - during this time new hairs will grow. In the future, the intervals will be longer, because the hairs will appear less and they will grow more slowly.
  • Shugaring is performed on hairs of 2-5 mm - this is the normal length for epilation. If they have grown to a great length, it is better to get rid of them in another way.
  • Watch, that hair pulled out, but did not break off. To do this, they need to clean parallel to the surface of the skin and their growth.
  • In addition to legs, shugaring can be used for hands, face, underarms and bikini areas.
  • When processing multiple zones, move down from the top.
  • After shugaring epilation for 12 hours, you should not visit the swimming pool, solarium or gym.
  • For the prevention of hair ingrowth during the shower and bath procedures it is useful to use a massage mitten - at the same time you can make a useful massage and peeling.

Shugaring legs and arms

If you are just learning shugaring, start doing it better in these particular zones.The product will work on clean and dry skin. Prepare a small ball of pasta, then roll it over your arm or leg, where you need to remove excess hair. Leave the product for a couple of minutes so that it wraps around the hairs, and then remove the growth by one sharp movement. You can use the home remedy several times: make the ball again, heat it in your hands and repeat the procedure. One portion can be applied until the paste is completely dirty, then you need to take a new one, and so on, until you clear the skin.

After the procedure, wash the skin with warm water to remove the remaining sugar, and then apply a moisturizer.

Shugaring bikini area

The length of the hairs here should be no more than 0.5 cm. For longer ones, shugaring can be quite painful. For convenience, place one foot in a chair or bath. Mash the ball with your fingers and apply the product to the skin in the bikini area. Apply the product to small areas, removing hairs the first time. For a single removal, epilation is performed on a 20x20 mm area.

Smooth out the paste against hair growth, wait half a minute, then, by pulling the skin, remove the agent from the skin with a sharp movement.Observe the timing to not damage it. Then rinse the bikini area and apply the product after epilation. Repeated procedure is allowed not earlier than in one and a half weeks.

Shugaring is an easy and simple way to get rid of excess vegetation and get smooth and delicate skin. To learn how to carry out this procedure, you will need just a little practice, but then you will get used to it and will be able to use it whenever you need it.

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