How to make graffiti?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 29, 2013
How to make graffiti?

Graffiti is a drawing, artistic composition or an inscription, which is most often applied to the walls of various buildings: houses, garages or any other objects that are usually in the field of human vision. Graffiti includes many different styles and a different range of colors. His paint and put on the surface most often with the help of special cans of paint.

How to invent graffiti, each artist decides for himself. Each person has their own individual style of doing this or that work. With drawing graffiti as well. It is impossible to foresee the ideas and thoughts of man. Everyone who draws graffiti, puts his idea into the work, tries to realize the idea, to show his view on something.

You probably know how to create a graffiti painting for yourself, because it’s not so difficult. Think what you want to convey to others around your drawing. To come up with graffiti, you need to use your drawing skills.First of all, you need to make a sketch of the future picture. Circle the contours of your drawing so that the picture becomes clearer and becomes more similar to the so-called 3D drawing.

Now draw in the already existing outline specifically the inscription itself. The lines of the inscription may be different: angular, roundish. The letters themselves may be wavy or, for example, square. To more accurately see the future creation, paint the sketch with multi-colored crayons, felt-tip pens or just pencils.

Now you need to think about how to come up with a tag for graffiti. A tag is an alias graffiti. Another tag can be called a nickname, it is almost the same. This is your signature, your name. Ponder how to come up with a nickname for graffiti, how to call yourself, how to introduce yourself to society. The tag should not be very large, 3-4 letters will be enough. The tag can be decorated with, for example, exclamation and question marks, different asterisks, quotes, arrows, faces, lengthening of letters, curvature of lines. First, practice drawing a tag on paper.

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