How to cook goat dough?

Kozulnuyu dough, or, as it is often called, gingerbread is used for the preparation of confectionery, mainly gingerbread or gingerbread. Gingerbread is one of the most famous and oldest Russian delicacies, which, as can be seen from the very name, is characterized by the presence of a large number of spices.

Once upon a time, such a dough was prepared only on the basis of honey, but when sugar brought from distant countries began to appear on the market, it was also used to prepare a dough.

Today, many housewives prefer to cook a lot of things by themselves: purchasing is, of course, good and fast, but homemade is always healthier, tastier and fresher. To pamper your loved ones with this delicacy, you need to know how the goat dough is made, because only it can make traditional flavored gingerbread. To cope with this task is not so difficult, you only need to decide in advance which of the test options you will prepare.

There are two ways - choux pastry, which is considered optimal,because gingerbread makes it more tender and does not stale for a long time, and raw (simplified), which is easier to prepare, but products made from it harden faster.

Depending on the amount or presence of honey, sugar or molasses in the recipe, the gingerbread is also divided into honey, sugar (honey is not added at all) or honey-sugar mixture. So, we present you two popular options.

How to cook the custard method?

We will need the following products: wheat flour - 1 kg, 100 g of liquid aromatic honey, 200 g of sugar, a little water, 2-3 eggs, butter - 150 g, spices - 5 grams, salt, soda. The whole process consists of three main stages: brewing, cooling of the brew and its kneading.

To start brewed flour in a saucepan. To do this, it is loaded with sugar, a glass of water and, starting to warm up, constantly stir until sugar is completely dissolved. The resulting syrup is slightly cooled (the temperature should remain at least 70 °), after which we start to add a little bit of flour, stirring constantly.

The whole process should take place as soon as possible, only 10-12 minutes, so that the flour, after a long contact with the hot syrup, does not begin to form lumps.

Next, you need to cool the tea: for this you need to lay the layers on pans, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil. In this form, it is cooled to 25 °. It is not recommended to skip the cooling process, because if you start kneading the dough right away, it will lose its properties, and the gingerbread will turn out to be dense.

After cooling, the dough is mixed with the remaining ingredients, which are provided by the recipe (in different sources there may be different options for the number of eggs, spices and other additives). Hands kneaded until smooth for half an hour: the only way to get a real gingerbread with a dense texture. That's all! Then go to the formation of the products themselves.

How to cook raw method?

This option is much simpler and suitable for cases when something tasty needs to be prepared in a hurry. Put honey in a bowl, add eggs, softened butter, spices and mix it for about 2 minutes.

Next, add flour - sifted in advance and mixed with soda, knead with hands not very steep dough. If honey is candied, then you can warm it up a little, but you should not boil it, otherwise it quickly loses its flavor.

Some important tips:

  • Butter, although it is undesirable, in principle, can be replaced with margarine.
  • The amount of flour should be taken not strictly according to the prescription, but adjusted depending on the consistency of honey or the density of sugar syrup.
  • Additionally, you need to flavor the gingerbread, but, most importantly, do not overdo it, because honey itself has a rather powerful aroma.
  • In order for the gingerbread cookies to acquire their traditional coffee color, the dough needs to be tinted specifically using burnt sugar. Of the dark sorts of flour, they themselves turn out to be dark. Another option is to use cocoa powder or some dark chocolate melted on a steam bath.
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