How to make glowing stones in the dark with your own hands?

Each gardener wants to create from his suburban area even a small, but a fairy tale. All sorts of flowers, ornamental ponds, shrubs, clay figurines, paths lined with a variety of plates and stones. All this pleases the eye for the whole day. And what if you make it so that this tale will continue at night? Stones glowing in the dark - what you need to add a little romance for your landscape design.

Glowing stones are not only a way to decorate a plot, but also to illuminate it. With them you do not need to install a large number of lamps that consume electricity.

And what if you want to create something like this yourself with your own hands? Make it a snap. How? Everything is very simple, for this you need to complete only a few points.

Choice of material (stone)

There are two types of stones: natural and artificial. Artificial lighter in weight and, accordingly, easier to transport, and also lack such a disadvantage as the presence of cracks and bacteria, as natural.However, a large number of people prefer natural stones, although they require more thorough preparation before painting.

One of the types of natural stones used as luminous, for landscape design is a pebble. This stone has a beautiful rounded shape and a smooth surface. Before painting the stone, it must be thoroughly rinsed, cleaned of all cracks from dirt and dried, since it is the purity of this material that will determine the quality of the finished design element.

Paint choice

For painting stones, there is a luminescent paint, which is sold in construction stores and supermarkets, which makes it possible to do everything necessary for decorating yourself. Luminous stones made with this paint can please the eye at night and twilight time for 10 hours.


After preparing the stone and choosing the paint, you can proceed to the painting itself. Make stones glow in the dark - it's very simple. It is necessary to take a brush and apply paint on the stone. It is recommended to save the paint itself and reduce the time of painting, apply the paint only to the outer part of the stone, since the rest of it will be in the ground and become invisible to the eyes.Laying out the already painted stones should be on a previously prepared flat surface (put a clean sheet of paper or a piece of cloth on it) so that they can dry out sufficiently before laying on the landscape. It is necessary, if it is a natural stone, to carefully paint over all the cracks and crevices.

So it's time to decorate the site with your own hands. There are many ready-made ideas on how to do this. You can put the glowing stones along the path, then they will be its contour, or you can make a path from the glowing stones themselves. Due to the fact that the stones are moisture-resistant, they can decorate and pools, and fountains, and ponds. Stones glowing in the dark - spectacular and easy to manufacture, even with your own hands. Every ordinary gardener can become a real artist and landscape designer on his site. The variety of colors of stones gives an incredible flight for fantasies that each person can translate into reality and become a little magician, creating a fairy tale with his own hands.

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