How to make crafts on March 8

The arrival of spring in itself is long-awaited and causes joyful feelings. And the presence in this season of a gentle and beautiful women's holiday - March 8 - causes even more positive emotions! Flowers and sweets are sold everywhere, in stores there are long lines, not only in those selling cosmetics and jewelery, but also in stores for creativity. After all, it is not a secret to anyone that it is very pleasant to give presents, and if they are made with their own hands, it is doubly pleasant. Such a gift will definitely be unique and memorable.

In this master class, I’ll show 10 options for how to make crafts on March 8 with my own hands with step by step unique photos. Such crafts will be a wonderful gift to mom, grandmother, friend or colleague.


Spring Women's Day involves the presentation of gifts to all the fair sex. We have been following this tradition since childhood, when we started making presents to our mothers and grandmothers even in kindergartens.After all, a gift made by children's handles is always highly valued and causes only positive emotions.

At the same time, the process of making such gifts has a beneficial effect on the child himself, because he develops the fine motor skills of his hands, contributes to the manifestation of imagination and creatively self-actualized.

Crafts for March 8

Crafts for my mother on March 8 with my own hands

Sweet gift - candy grapes

In this master class we will make such a sweet gift.

vinograd-iz-konfet (1)

For this we need:

  • candy;
  • wire;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors and round pliers
  • artificial grape leaves.

Crafts for March 8 with your own hands

To make the candy grape-shaped, using double-sided tape we glue one tail to the candy.

vinograd-iz-konfet (3)

vinograd-iz-konfet (4)

With the help of a circular nose pliers we make a loop on the wire and fasten the candy.

vinograd-iz-konfet (5)

We fix it with adhesive tape.

vinograd-iz-konfet (6)

vinograd-iz-konfet (7)

We begin to collect in a bunch of 3-4-5 candies.

vinograd-iz-konfet (8)

vinograd-iz-konfet (9)

Now we begin to collect a bunch of grapes.

vinograd-iz-konfet (10)

Sprig wrapped with adhesive tape green.

vinograd-iz-konfet (11)

vinograd-iz-konfet (12)

Attach the leaflets.

vinograd-iz-konfet (13)

It remains only to arrange our gift - for this, a high basket is best suited.

vinograd-iz-konfet (14)

vinograd-iz-konfet (15)

vinograd-iz-konfet (16)

Our candy grapes are ready!

vinograd-iz-konfet (17)

Decoupage jewelry box “Dear Mommy”

Here you can make such a casket with your own hands as a gift to your mother using the decoupage technique. You must prepare suitable decoupage cards or napkins in advance.

shkatulka-mame (1)

We need an empty box, we took a metal box out of tea.

shkatulka-mame (2)

We cover it with acrylic primer.

shkatulka-mame (3)

Such decoupage cards can be ordered online.

shkatulka-mame (4)

We break the map into uneven fragments.

shkatulka-mame (5)

For a few seconds, drop into the water.

shkatulka-mame (6)

We put it face down in a transparent film (file).

shkatulka-mame (7)

And carefully apply to the box.

shkatulka-mame (8)

Top with a brush covered with white glue.

shkatulka-mame (9)

shkatulka-mame (10)

shkatulka-mame (11)

When the casket is dry, cover it with clear varnish.

shkatulka-mame (12)

Our casket is a gift for March 8 to mother, ready!

shkatulka-mame (13)

shkatulka-mame (14)

shkatulka-mame (15)

shkatulka-mame (16)

Mommy's Chocolate for March 8th

A beautiful chocolate-card, where you can put your sweet surprise, will original complement the main gift.In addition, chocolate can be used as an envelope for money, or to invest in it tickets for a concert or a trip.

If you just give sweets, then after they are eaten, there will be no memory of the gift, and if you present them in chocolate, then after tea drinking, a beautiful card and a sea of ​​pleasant impressions will remain. My beloved mother will be pleasantly surprised by an unusual handmade gift.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (1 )

To make chocolate in the scrapbooking technique, we need:

  1. Dense white cardboard;
  2. Blue paper with a polka dot pattern;
  3. Checked paper sheet;
  4. Glue
  5. Ruler;
  6. Awl or sharp scissors;
  7. Scissors;
  8. The inscription "Mommy";
  9. Decorative paper flowers;
  10. Stamens;
  11. Gauze;
  12. Hairspray;
  13. Pastel purple and blue;
  14. Half-beans;
  15. Feed;
  16. Double-sided tape;
  17. Heart pendant.

To begin with, draw a chocolate sheet on a piece of paper or print it out on a printer. In this master class there is a ready-made template. The size of the card corresponds to the standard chocolate bar.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (2 )

Attach the ruler to the fold line and force it with an awl, so you will outline the fold lines, and then easily bend the cardboard.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (3 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (4 )

Glue the chocolate bar.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (7 )

Glue chocolate. From the bottom, so that the chocolate does not fall out, glue a small strip of ribbon.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (8 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (9 )

Let's start decorating the front side. Cut to the required size of cardboard with a pattern, cut the inscription.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (11 )

Now you need to tint the edges of the decorative cardboard. Rub the blue and violet pastels using the sharp edge of the scissors. Dip a dry cotton swab into a pastel and rub it around the edges of the picture.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (10 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (12 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (13 )

Cut a piece of gauze, sprinkle it with hairspray and sieve.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (5 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (6 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (14 )

Twist stamens between each other and stick to gauze. Put decorative paper flowers on glue, add an inscription, decorate it all with semi-beads.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (15 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (16 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (17 )

Using a ribbon, tie a metal heart to the gauze, tie a bow, scorch the edges of the ribbon with a cigarette lighter so that they do not fall out.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (18 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (19 )

Make a bow postcard at the bottom and decorate with half-beads in the form of a flower. Hide the edges of the tape under the inside of the cardboard.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (20 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (21 )

On a thick double-sided tape, glue the decor to a chocolate card. Thanks to such scotch, a space is formed between the postcard and the decor, and the finished product looks more interesting and volumetric. From the inside, glue thin satin ribbons to the edges of the postcard so that it can be tied.

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (22 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (23 )

Now you can write the warmest and most soulful words for your mother, put a chocolate bar inside, tie on both sides and the gift is ready!

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (24 )

shokoladnica-mamochke-8-marta (25 )

The author of the master class is Nadezhda Kuntsevich.

A gift to your grandmother on March 8 with your own hands

DIY paper teapot

Such a kettle will be a wonderful gift for mom or grandmother. Any hostess in the arsenal has beautiful plates and a salad bowl, in which she serves delicious festive dishes when guests arrive. It is quite another thing - the usual tea party with peering friends. It does not provide for the use of plates with snacks and meat dishes, so surprise guests with beautiful dishes will not work.

Where do you usually serve tea bags? In a box or on a platter? This master class will tell you the original idea of ​​an unusual and beautiful serving of tea bags.

podarok-babushke (1)

You will learn how to make an extraordinary stand of paper for packaged tea. It is performed in the form of a brewer. Interested? Then rather cook the necessary material:

  • a piece of wrapping paper with a bright print;
  • a sheet of white cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors;
  • pen (pencil);
  • stencils in the form of a teapot and a small cup;
  • heat gun;
  • ruler;
  • braid, delicate florets, bows and other finished decor items.

First, take a piece of cardboard and glue it on one side with bright wrapping paper. Use glue stick to securely bond these materials.

podarok-babushke (2)

It turns out a sheet of thick cardboard with a print in the form of roses.

podarok-babushke (3)

Now prepare the stencils. Images can be found on the Internet and printed out. If you know how to draw well, then draw the silhouettes of the kettle (tea pot) and the small cup yourself.

podarok-babushke (4)

Circle each stencil 2 times, attaching them to the colorless side of the cardboard.

podarok-babushke (5)

Cut out the blanks and cover them with wrapping paper on the second side.

podarok-babushke (6)

These are the four parts that are needed for future work.

podarok-babushke (7)

Cut 2 strips from the remaining cardboard. One should be 5.5 cm x 15 cm and the second 2.5 cm x 9 cm.

podarok-babushke (8)

Pick each blank with wrapping paper with a picture of roses, then bend it twice.

podarok-babushke (9)

Now you need to collect all the details in a single structure. First glue the stripes using a glue gun. Apply glue to one of the parts of the teapot and fix the curved strip, as shown in the photo. Glue a narrow strip to the cup.

podarok-babushke (10)

Attach the second part of the kettle and cup to the strips symmetrically with the first one.

podarok-babushke (11)

2 workpieces with deep "pockets" are obtained.

podarok-babushke (12)

podarok-babushke (13)

Now you need to glue the cup on the teapot.

podarok-babushke (14)

The main work is done, it remains only to decorate the stand. You can use braid, bows and flowers.

podarok-babushke (15)

Glue the bows on the center of the craft, the flowers on the lid of the teapot, and place the stripes on the bottom and top of the teapot.

podarok-babushke (16)

This is how the finished crafts look.

podarok-babushke (17)

podarok-babushke (18)

You can put napkins in a big pocket, and small tea or coffee bags.

podarok-babushke (19)

Or this is an option: place a packaged tea with different flavors and coffee in sticks in a large “pocket”, and bags of sugar will fit in a small hole in the cup.

podarok-babushke (20)

podarok-babushke (21)

Such an original stand for tea bags, coffee and sugar will be a real decoration of the tea ceremony. It will surprise the guests and genuine interest, and the process of tea drinking will be twice as pleasant.

podarok-babushke (22)

Granny's crochet for March 8, crocheted

Another gift for the grandmother in the same red and white colors - elegant tack, which can serve as a napkin for hot, decorate the kitchen, make it more comfortable.The tack is tied in two colors with no crocheted stitches using elongated loops. For knitting can be used remnants of yarn.

prihvatka (1)

Materials and tools:

  • inexpensive Karachai yarn of two colors;
  • hook number 3.

prihvatka (2)

Abbreviations used in the text:

  • RLS - column without crochet
  • CLO - double crochet;
  • VP - air loop;
  • Runway - air lift loop;
  • CSS - double column.

We begin knitting with a sliding ring Amigurumi. We work with red yarn.

1 row.We put the free end of the thread in the left palm and wrap the working thread around the index finger of the left hand. Enter the hook into the ring, pick up the thread and knit the loop, fastening on the ring.

prihvatka (3)

2 row. 3 runways, 15 CLOs. For the free end of the tightly tighten the ring and knit the connecting loop in the third air lift loop.

prihvatka (4)

In this series, along with the runway should get 16 SSN. Then we can knit all the canvases without the crochet.

3 row.2VPP, * 1 scn, usl (i.e., in one loop of the previous row we knit 2 scn) * We repeat the scheme between the asterisks until the end of the row. An addition in the next rows will always occur over the last of the doubled columns, which will divide the circle into 8 sectors. Finished a series of connecting loop.


prihvatka (5)

4th row.2 WFP, * 2 Sc, CSS. Repeat until the end of the row. Finished a series of connecting loop.

5th row.2 WFP, * 3 sc, the fourth column is doubled. Repeat until the end of the row. Finished a series of connecting loop.

prihvatka (6)

6th row.2 runways, * 4 sc, the fifth column is doubled. We repeat to the end of the series. Finished a series of connecting loop. When knitting the knit loop, we change the color of the yarn to white.

7 series.Knit with a white thread. 2 WFP, * 5 sc, 1 US We repeat to the end of the circle. Finished a series of connecting loop.

prihvatka (7)

When knitting a connecting loop, we change the color of the yarn to red.

8 row.Knit with a red thread. 2 runways, * 6 RLS, the seventh column to double. Repeat until the end of the circle.

prihvatka (8)

Finished a series of connecting loop. When knitting the knit loop, we change the color of the yarn to white.

9 series.Knit with a white thread. 2 runways, * 7 sc, the eighth column to double. We repeat to the end of the circle. We knit a connecting loop and change the color of the yarn to red.

10 series.Knit with a red thread. 2 runways, * 8 sc, double the ninth column. We repeat to the end of the circle. We knit a connecting loop and change the color of the yarn.

11, 12, 13, 14 rows.Knit white yarn.

prihvatka (9)

One column in each sector is doubled. The rest of the knit is similar to the previous row. In each sector there should be 14 columns without single crochet. When knitting the fourteenth row of a connecting loop, we change the color of the yarn. White thread cut and fasten. We will not need it anymore.

prihvatka (10)

15 row.In each sector after the doubled column, we knit 2 SCNs, the next column will be knitted with an extended loop into the column of the thirteenth row, the next - into the column of the twelfth row, next - into the column of the thirteenth row.

On each of the eight sides of the polygon are two groups of loops of different lengths. Between them we knit two sc, after the second group of loops we knit 3 sc. We finish the row with a connecting loop.

prihvatka (11)

16th row.We continue to knit with 15 threads of 15 sc, we double the sixteenth column. So we knit in each sector.

prihvatka (12)

17 series.We knit similarly, doubling one bar.

18th row.We finish knitting in the same way, only, having finished the last circle, we knit a loop. We collect 16 VP and, closing them in a ring, we tie the ring in twenty columns without a single crochet.

Now we need to lightly steam the product through a wet ironing, giving it a finished look. Tack ready.

prihvatka (13)

Svetlana Chalkina prepared a master class

Crafts a friend with her own hands

If you want to give your girlfriend some decoration or a scarf with flowers, but you think that this is not very interesting, then take it and make it yourself! Such a gift will be individual and will definitely not leave your girlfriend indifferent. And you can put in a piece of your soul, and at the same time show your imagination and love for your friend. In this workshop, prepared by Anna Moiseeva, we will tie a light crochet necklace!

kole-podruge (1)

In order to tie such a necklace, we need:

  • blue, blue, white thread;
  • hook 1, 75 mm;
  • scissors;
  • Needle;
  • Chain.

For knitting this product is better to take a thin yarn. The thinner the better. Our necklace will consist of 7 circles. 1 of them will be the largest and will be located in the center. The remaining 6 are 2 sets of 3. The sets will be the same.

Let's start knitting from the central one, that is, from the largest circle. Knit in a sliding loop 12 stbn blue yarn. Close the circle cn and tighten the ring.

kole-podruge (2)

Immediately change the thread to blue. Next we will knit a row with additions through every 1 loop. When knitting cn, we change the thread to blue.

kole-podruge (3)

Knit 1 row of blue yarn, adding every 2 loops in a row. Closing the row, change the thread to white. We perform a row, adding every 3 loops of the row.

kole-podruge (4)

Next, we change the thread to the blue one and knit a row. This time, we add extras every 4 loops.

And we are left to tie the last row. It adds additions every 5 loops of the row. The central circle is ready.

kole-podruge (5)

The next round will consist of just 4 rows. First, we form a sliding loop with blue yarn and execute 12 stb. This will be considered the first row.

Next, we change the thread to blue and perform a row, adding through 1 loop.

Then we change the thread again, but now to the white one. We add through 2 loops. Once again, we change the thread to the blue one and knit the row, performing an increment every 3 loops of the row.

kole-podruge (6)

We knit another 1 exactly the same circle. It remains for us to tie the last 2 laps. These are the smallest details of the necklace.

Again we knit in a sliding loop 12 stbn with a blue thread. Then change it to blue. We perform a series with an increase through the loop.

kole-podruge (7)

Let's knit the same circle. Now we have to collect the necklace. To do this, you first need to expand it to understand how to sew the parts.

Then we sew 2 smaller circles to the central big circle. Sew on all sides.

kole-podruge (8)

And then we sew others on these details. And at the end we sew the smallest circles.

kole-podruge (9)

The last step is the chain. Attach it to the loop of circles. The crochet necklace is ready!

kole-podruge (10)

Handy - surprise "The Candy Message" on March 8

When there is no desire to give a close friend a banal gift, such as others can give, the head breaks from thoughts and violent fantasies, but nothing wise comes to mind, you can follow simple advice. The best solution in your situation is to make a gift with your own hands! For example, you can make a gift "Candy message". It requires little cost and half an hour of free time.

podelka-syurpriz (1)

In order to make this gift you need to buy a vase for sweets in the store and candies themselves, which, naturally, should be tasty and beautiful in appearance. As a candy can also (instead of a vase) you can use a decorative box, a satin pouch, a basket for small things and more.

Also, to make a gift, you will need several short satin ribbons of any width (or thread) for winding scrolls and paper “scrolls” for wishes. As an ornament and addition, you can use chains and beads, as well as various decorative elements.

podelka-syurpriz (2)

On the paper prepared for the scrolls, it is necessary to write wishes, wrap the paper and bandage it with a ribbon or threads. The number and size of the scrolls should depend on the size of the vase and the number of candies. The color of the ribbons should be in harmony with the color of the candy and the vase or be neutral.

podelka-syurpriz (3)

Candy must be placed in a candy dish, and scrolls with wishes nicely placed between and over the candy. The gift is ready - stylish and fast!

podelka-syurpriz (4)

podelka-syurpriz (5)

Crafts for colleagues on International Women's Day

Champagne with Candy

Traditional and at the same time banal gift for colleagues and teachers on March 8 is wine, champagne and sweets. In order not to change its essence, but to surprise with its decoration, you can create a unique bouquet of sweets or arrange a bottle like this.

Crafts for colleagues on the International Women's Day

This one gift will contain champagne and goodies at the same time.It does not matter what sweets you choose for this, chocolate or caramel, if you know the taste preferences of the woman to whom you will give such a bouquet - great! Well, if not, then do not worry, take the most common and believe me, such a bouquet just will not leave anyone indifferent.

Color corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic jar from yogurt, scissors, scotch, ribbons for decoration, threads, champagne and 7 sweets will be needed for work.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (1)

Making a skirt for a bottle. Cut the corrugated paper according to the width of the bottle girth, two skirt heights. At the same time one edge should be shorter by 2 cm.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (2)

We fold in half and stretch the paper wide along the fold line. With a short edge, we glue the skirt to the neck of the bottle with scotch.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (3)

The long edge is wound with a thread in tone of paper.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (4)

A lid of a suitable size draw a circle on the cardboard - this will be the base of the cap. From the jar for the yogurt, make the top of the hat.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (5)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (6)

Wrap blanks with paper, glue them together.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (7)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (8)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (9)

From the corrugated paper, cut out rectangles measuring 5 cm by 8 cm, rounding the upper edges. Fingers stretch the petals along the upper contour in width, it turns out a gentle wave.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (10)

We begin to wind the petals on the candy. One flower will need 5-7 petals.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (11)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (12)

We combine the blanks in the product. On a hat tie a ribbon, stick a candy flower. Optionally decorate.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (13)

On the skirt in any order to stick the flowers.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den (14)

Petals of green corrugated paper will look beautiful with flowers. The neck of the bottle is decorated with a veil of lace. The original gift set is ready.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den- (15)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den- (16)

A classic gift set for a woman can look like a work of art. Such a gift will not leave indifferent any woman.

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den- (18)

podelki-dlya -kolleg-na-mezhdunarodnyj-zhenskij-den- (19)

Postcards on March 8 with your own hands

As for the postcard, which does not require too much effort, it is necessary to use cardboard for its foundation, and design can be done as an application, decoupage, scrapbooking or origami. No matter what style this card will be, the main thing is that it should evoke tender feelings, be springy, bright, preferably with some flowers and contain warm words of congratulation. Usually there is no difficulty with the materials for such a gift.

Eight Butterfly Card

A fluttering and weightless butterfly landed on a postcard designed to congratulate your loved ones on a wonderful holiday - International Women's Day. This gift is quite able to fulfill the child, if he is already a schoolboy. Mom will be happy to receive this elegant product, the efforts of the children will be appreciated.Since the card was made for congratulations on March 8, it is possible to fantasize a little, to make the central figure not quite ordinary.

Butterfly wings let them remain chic and sprawling, bright and eye-catching. But let the body itself be made in the form of the figure 8. This is the main highlight of the proposed presentation. This is how to beat a simple insect figurine not everyone decides, but the result will be truly beautiful.

Card with figure-eight

To create the same bright and unusual card, prepare:

  • a thick cardboard base;
  • plasticine for creating the background, pattern, lettering and additional decoration;
  • a toothpick that will allow you to draw on the plasticine, as well as attach small balls.

Do-it-yourself greeting card

Get everything you need to work. A big plus is the brightness of the clay, the brighter and more attractive the material will be in color, the more expressive will be the card. The selection of shades of plasticine - this is half the success.

otkrytka-vosmerka (1)

To begin with, very carefully apply juicy green clay on the surface of the cardboard. Try to make the layer very thin, smooth the pieces in different directions. It does not matter that the light surface of the cardboard will peep. Thus, we will create an unusual, slightly aged effect. In general, the hack will look harmonious.

otkrytka-vosmerka (2)

Blind the thin purple sausage. The lengths should be enough to form the number 8. Glue the ends to get a ring, then cross to get the desired detail. From bright orange clay make wings. Mash the pieces of clay in your hands, then press down on both sides with your fingers, at the same time specifying a suitable carved shape for the wings.

otkrytka-vosmerka (3)

Start assembling a beautiful insect. Of course, we use only a silhouette to decorate our wonderful postcard. Stick on the center of the eight. Attach a pair of wings to it from both sides. Now we see a butterfly in front of us.

otkrytka-vosmerka (4)

Make white oblong white droplets from white plasticine.Make a pair of droplets of different sizes. These parts are designed to decorate the wings. Stick a few pieces on each side.

otkrytka-vosmerka (5)

Also, around the edge of the wings, glue red balls with a toothpick. Above the image of the insect write "Happy holiday!". In this case, there is no need to indicate March 8, because the figure eight already appears on the card, so it is immediately clear what holiday the handicraft is timed for. Apply patterns to the corners to make the look complete.

otkrytka-vosmerka (6)

A beautiful gift does not have to be expensive. The main thing is to make it from the heart and do not regret imagination. Beautifully pack a present, tie a bow, now present with beautiful words to the beloved person.

otkrytka-vosmerka (7)


Greeting card with plasticine roses

On postcards dedicated to the International Women's Day, it is customary to depict flowers. This is the most desired and most beautiful gift for the fair sex. And even if you don’t know what to give, flowers will always help out, this is a win-win option.

But in this lesson, prepared by Elena Nikolaeva, it's not about how to choose a beautiful gift, but how to make it yourself. We offer an unusual volumetric option - a card decorated with a bouquet of clay. The central buds are roses, the additional branches are blue cornflowers. Looks postcard gently and richly at the same time.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (1)

Postcard materials:

  • thick cardboard;
  • multicolored plasticine: red, yellow, green, blue and white;
  • fine toothpick.

How to make a beautiful greeting card with your own hands

Before you canvas. It doesn't matter what color it will be. Pay more attention to its density and size. Choose the size for your craft, as well as the background color, which will perfectly match the buds in the bouquet.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (2)

Fill the background completely with bright clay. Since it is necessary to independently apply a bright plasticine with a thin layer on the surface, the original color of the cardboard is not important.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (3)

A beautiful bouquet can be made richBeautifully complemented with simple wildflowers, such as cornflowers. So often come florists. For small elegant twigs, prepare thin green threads and green leaves, small blue beads.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (4)

Stick on one side of the postcard first thin green twigs with leaves.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (5)

Then press down each leaf with a thin needle to make the surface more believable, textured.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (6)

Collect small flowers of cornflowers. To do this, combine 4 balls of blue together, press down with your fingertips to get petals. In the center, insert a white ball. Attach the flowers to the ready-made branches.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (7)

Make 10-20 blue field flowers. Stick in different places. Press down the white bead in the center with a toothpick, also push through each blue petal.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (8)

Now go to the leaves of roses. They should be much larger. Make green flat droplets. On top of a thin tool, draw streaks.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (9)

Collect several combinations of thin green threads and carved, drop-shaped leaves.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (10)

Stick green leaves on top of field twigs randomly.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (11)

For beautiful roses, prepare a red clay. Cut small pieces from the bar.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (12)

Press and smooth each piece so as to obtain a flat oblong lobe.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (13)

Begin to twist the petals with spirals, form beautiful red buds.


Form 3 buds. This will be enough to fill the picture.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (15)

Attach all the heads of the roses to the bouquet. Now we have a wonderful flower arrangement.


To make the inscription "Congratulations!", stick a pink stripe somewhere on the side. Make the engraving with the sharp tip of a toothpick.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (17)

If desired, fill the empty space with small colored balls of plasticine, so as a whole, a rainbow pattern appears.

Greeting card with roses on March 8

A beautiful greeting card with a bouquet of flowers from plasticine is ready.

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (19)

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (20)

pozdravitelnaya-otkrytka-rozy (21)

Gifts created by your own hands on any holiday are highly appreciated and cause interest and affection for them. Of course, one can not say for sure that any woman will be happy with some small gift that you will make with your own hands. After all, many expect from their second half chic and elegant gifts. In such cases, a homemade gift can be presented as an addition to the basic and refined.

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