How to make a wish in the New Year 2015 to make it come true

True and effective way to make a wish for the New Year

Each of us has cherished desires, the fulfillment of which we dream. Everyone knows that thoughts can become material, so you need to think more often about your desires. People who believe in the power of magical rituals are sure: if you perform a kind of ritual, success in your intended is guaranteed. That is why today there are many rituals that can help to come true to any desire.

The most suitable time for this is New Year's Eve. But how correctly to make a wish for the New Year so that it is exactly fulfilled?

How to make wishes for the New Year under the chiming clock

Midnight, when the chimes are struck - the best time for magic. Write your wish on a small piece of paper, set it on fire, throw the ashes into a glass of champagne and drink its contents while the clock is beaten twelve times. This method is one of the most popular, and those who have already tried it on themselves, in one voice assert that it really works.

True and effective way to make a wish for the New Year

If you have absolutely no desire to drink champagne with ash, there is another effective way.Under the chiming clock you need to eat twelve grapes. If you have time to get rid of the bones and swallow the berries, while the arrows hit midnight - your dreams will come true soon.

Play and laugh!

Every year is associated with a particular animal. For example, in 2015, the hostess will goat. There is no limit to the fantasy of a person, and someone has thought up another way to make a wish in the New Year so that it will come true. Under the chiming clock, you need to crawl under the table and shout 12 times, copying the beast, with which the coming year is associated. In our case, you have to bleat like a goat.

Funny shouts from under the table will be remembered by the guests, and even if the desire is not fulfilled, good mood will not be forgotten. Encourage the children to company with you to shout under the table - they already know how to arrange an unforgettable holiday.

Catch a snowflake and make a wish in the New Year 2015

With the first knock of the bells, go out to the balcony or the courtyard and try to catch the snowflake in your palm. If it does not melt until the clock strikes twelve, then your wish will come true. Well, if the snowflake quickly melted, do not be upset - perhaps your dreams will come true later.

True and effective way to make a wish for the New Year

Just wanting is not enough, you need to be able to formulate desires and know how to correctly make a wish so that it will come true. Do not write or use the “not” particle in it. For example, if you want to make a guess “I want not to be ill”, then it is better to say “I wish to be healthy”. Positive emphasis is very important.

Consider and plan which way to make a wish in the New Year 2015 is most convenient for you. Dream, train to say the desire, while the chimes strike only twelve times, and all your dreams will necessarily come true!

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