How to make a watch in Minecraft?

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How to make a watch in Minecraft?

Clock is a device very necessary in Minecraft. Here and without words it is clear that the clock is needed to determine the time of day. But how to make a clock in Minecraft, and how to properly use this game element is a real secret for a beginner.

What is determined by the clock

Working in the same way as a compass, the gadget-clock displays time and inventory data, on the statistics screen, in your hand or on your belt, even if you just lie on the ground or are fixed in a frame. The clock shows the location of the Sun and the Moon, and this greatly helps when working in the mine, where the surface is not visible. Now we will understand how to make a clock in Minecraft.

Kraft watch

Watches are made with the help of 4 gold bars, located crosswise, and one slide of red dust (placed in the center). Gold ingots are obtained by melting gold ore, as a result of crafting nuggets or �unpacking� blocks of gold. You can meet gold in chests in an abandoned mine, in the temples of the desert or the jungle. Sometimes gold falls in the form of a drop from a zombie pigman.Red dust is formed as a result of the destruction of red ore.

How to determine the time

The time in Minecraft on the clock to determine quite simple. Divided into two parts, the clock disk indicates that the blue part of the gadget is the day, and the black part is the night. A uniform rotation of the disk clockwise occurs throughout the day, and the upper position, indicated by the arrow, indicates the current time of day. On the clock, the position of the sun and moon icons exactly corresponds to the real position of these celestial bodies (angle above the horizon).

If you quickly click on the inventory immediately after sleep, then the hand on the clock will immediately start spinning quickly.

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