How to make a tile

You will need
  • single phase vibrator
  • forms for tiles
  • - pipes and channel
  • -cement
  • -sand
  • - fine crushed stone
  • -concrete mixer
  • -plasticizer
The solution can be made different, at your discretion. Sand + cement or sand + cement + crushed stone. Take 3 buckets of fine gravel, 3 buckets of river sand, 1 bucket of cement mark 400. Add 300 ml of plasticizer. Pour water gradually, the solution should not be liquid. If you want to make a colored tile, then add a concrete dye of the desired color and intensity.
Lubricate the molds with engine oil. Fill the solution, turn on the vibrator. To dry, hold the tiles in the room for a day, then bring them out into the sun. After warming up, they are easier to remove. You can install artificial warming up. Small tiles enough to warm up 3 minutes in the water 70-80 degrees. This increases the service life of the tile.
The size of the tile you can make at will.
Pouring tiles into forms is possible without having a vibrator.After pouring, it is necessary to carefully tamp the mortar to release bubbles, which, when frozen, reduce the service life of the tile.

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