How to make a pickup?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 18, 2013
How to make a pickup?

Many people, in particular representatives of the stronger sex, dream to learn how to play the guitar or are addicted to this art. So you want to pick up a brand new instrument and play some fun motive. Fingering cold, metal strings, and presenting yourself on stage with some famous singer, or singer, singing the music flowing from the guitar.

In this article we will discuss how to make a pickup for guitar. Consider the process of turning a guitar from acoustic to electric (which we can connect to a computer). And you will learn a lot of new things about your guitar.

Making a pickup for a guitar

With the help of the pickup you will be able to improve the sound of your electric guitar, and learn to play along with some musical compositions. It is very interesting, fun and exciting. Perhaps, after the experience of communicating with such a guitar, you will have a desire to acquire a professional electric guitar.

Let us examine in detail how to make a pickup.Cores with magnets that are placed inside the inductor and represent a pickup. Strings, with their vibrations above the cores, produce magnetic oscillations, and they, with the help of a coil, turn into electronic signals. These signals are fed to the microphone input. After all, the signals are of very low strength, and they need to be strengthened initially. What does the microphone input.

So, to create a pickup with your own hands, we need a reel, do it, winding the wire. Although you can go easy way. Cut out plain discs from an old CD. Then glue “Superglue” 2 external and 4 internal with each other. Let it dry for about five hours.

Billet ready. Now drill six holes in the reel, and take six bolts to fit your strings. Leave the tip of the wire to pull off the contact, and then wind the wire around the coil. It is possible to reel, as with the help of tools, and manually. The wire should be 0.2 millimeter in diameter. The thinner the wire, the better. It is necessary to shake to the end. The wire must be complete.

To reduce the background and noise wrap the coil with a strip of brass.Wrap the coil with tape (a couple of layers), and solder the wires to the wire. At the bottom of the coil, a magnet is glued to enhance the sound.

Here is your homemade pickup and ready. Now you know how to make it and that it is not difficult at all. If the original dimensions were respected, you can put it on the electric guitar. Get a completely new sound. You can connect your guitar to a computer or to an amplifier. You will succeed. Do not be afraid to experiment! Great musicians, too, did not immediately become such. Everyone starts with a simple game on an ordinary guitar.

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