How to make a machine of the Lego machine?

Designer "Lego" has long won the attention and love of many children and even adults from around the world. This is not just an exciting game. She perfectly develops the logic and motor skills of the child, so caring parents are trying to make sure this designer is among the favorite toys. But just to play it is not interesting, it is much more useful to collect complex structures, using instructions from manufacturers or the experience of real fans.

Designer manufacturers took care of their customers by making the most thoughtful game. It has the finest details. What is very important when creating machines from it. Adult designers even make huge cars from the Lego, in which people can ride. Thus, your child will certainly be very interesting.

We make a machine from the designer "Lego"

Before you start making cars with your own hands,It is worth armed with the main advice of the manufacturer: "Read the instructions." Guided by it, you can be sure that everything will turn out. It is easy to build a machine, since the method of connecting all parts of the designer remains unchanged, regardless of the series you purchased. It is enough to press the convex part of one Circuit into the recess of the other.

Tip! Pay attention to the details, they are all numbered, therefore, guided by the instructions you will just make the car.

Simple instruction

Each car starts with the base - running gear, so you start with it. You need to build a chassis and do not forget about the rear and front suspension. To do this, take the relevant parts and connect them together.

After that, proceed to the body. Make a bumper and trunk, do not forget about the seats and steering wheel. Attach it all to the chassis. Also you can put the driver behind the wheel, such a man is in each set of the designer.

Take care of the doors and windows. Insert them into the appropriate connectors.

Find the wheels for your car among the parts and install them on it.

That's all, the creation of the machine is finished.Everything was very simple, and as a result, you got a wonderful toy. But that is not all. It is interesting that you can always experiment with “Lego”. You can create your models using parts from many sets of designer. This is because the Lego parts of one set can always be used together with the details of the other. This allows you to develop the imagination of children.

Thanks to the thoroughness and pedantry of the manufacturer, the designer has so many fans, their number only increases, and the company from time to time holds competitions among the little lovers of "Lego".

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