How to arrange a holiday in the style of Harry Potter?

If you are a Harry Potter fan and have read all the books about this brave boy wizard, then try to arrange a thematic party that will be original and remembered for a long time. But first find out the main nuances of organizing such an event.

When can you hold such a holiday?

A Harry Potter-style party will be happy for any child, and it is suitable for both the boy and the girl, because among the students of the famous school of magic there are representatives of both sexes, as well as among the main characters of the works. The event can be arranged in honor of the birthday or any other important date.

A Harry Potter style party is not necessarily a children's holiday, although any child over 6-7 years old will of course be delighted with such an idea and appreciate it. Teenagers are also sure to be happy to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere and spend time fun and interesting. But adults will want to take part in the holiday and go to childhood, which certainly remembered the craze reading books JK Rowling.

Where to arrange?

You can spend a party almost anywhere: at home (both in the apartment and in the cottage), at the cottage, in nature, in a cafe or even a nightclub. The main thing is to have enough space for comfortable accommodation for all guests and themed entertainment. And the territory itself can be practically any, because the stylized design will do its job and help create the right atmosphere.


It is easy to decorate a room or an open area in the style of Harry Potter, and jewelry can be made with hands almost from scrap materials. Some interesting ideas:

  • Master the legendary platform No. 9 and ¾, which is a brick wall through which the students of the Hogwarts passed to the desired platform. You can make it out of cardboard, painting it accordingly. A fabric can also be used, which can also be turned into a brick wall with paints. Place this attribute at the entrance, and in the center make a slot through which guests will get to the holiday.
  • Arrange the candles, and best of all the old and already almost burnt or new, but, for example, black or having intricate shapes.
  • Use balloons, creating on them images of the main characters of the work or minor characters, owls, bats.
  • You can make a web of threads or thin ropes by placing them in the corners.
  • Make cardboard figures of dementers, bats, described in the books of John Rowling of fictional magical creatures from cardboard.
  • Hang dark, heavy and thick curtains on the windows.
  • Place simulated pots on the shelves, pouring colorful water in small glass jars with usual watercolors and sticking pieces of paper with unusual names onto the vessels.
  • In the very center of the territory, you can put a chair or stool with a talking hat, which distributes pupils to different faculties.


To make the guests understand what kind of party awaits them, make themed invitations. They can look like train tickets to Hogwarts or invitations for students from the school of craftsmanship. You can write the text on paper, pre-coloring it in beige. You can slightly break the edges, because the invitation was going from afar and along the way it could probably be damaged.

The text can be taken from the work or be written in free form. For example, first call a guest by name, referring to him. And then invite him to a celebration or training, supporting the main idea of ​​the book. Do not forget to specify the date and place of the holiday at the end. You can deliver invitations in person or by mail, which is more interesting and unusual. Another option is to quietly add them to the guest’s personal belongings.

Dress code

All guests will certainly have to prepare themed costumes. The main element of the image is the wizard's mantle, and it is easy to make with your own hands a piece of black fabric and braid that will serve as the strings. Under such a suit, in principle, there can be any clothes, but ideally put on a school uniform or at least dark trousers or a skirt and a light shirt or blouse.

The gowns will be complemented by pointed hats with wide margins or square academic caps with tassels worn by graduates abroad. And, of course, an integral attribute and an important accessory of any magician is a magic wand, which can be made from a small bitch of a tree or a wand for Japanese dishes.

Tip: to create costumes you can use the images of other heroes of books, such as Dementors, Dobby, Hagrid, school teachers and so on.


How to organize a birthday or any other holiday in the style of Harry Potter? Make a plan of the event in advance and think over a program that will allow the hero of the occasion and invited to feel like students of the Hogwarts school and real novice wizards.

You can arrange a variety of entertainment:

  1. Quidditch game. If the event is held in open space, then prepare an oval field with rings (three on both sides), distribute to the players brooms and offer to throw the ball into the goal. If the holiday is held at home, then place three rings on the table and ask guests to throw balls into cups or other containers through them.
  2. Hold a quiz to include questions from all the books about Harry Potter: about some spells, main characters, events and other moments described by the author. The one who knows and remembers the works best of all, can get the title of the best student of "Hogwarts."
  3. The game "Reincarnation".It is similar to the game "Crocodile" and can be done like this: players invent animals or characters, write their names on sheets, put them in a hat and basket, and then take everything by piece of paper and find out who they have become as a result of magic. Next, guests must show what is written on the sheets, but only with gestures. And you can do otherwise: the papers are glued to the foreheads of the invitees, and by asking questions, they are trying to figure out who they are.
  4. Arrange a real quest with the search for a secret room, a philosopher's stone or another attribute of the work. As participants search for the desired item, they can complete different tasks, answer questions.
  5. Potions cooking contests. The easiest option is to invite students of the school of magic to make a potion from the specified components that you first need to find (you can invent a riddle to each ingredient, which will complicate the task).

Tip: before the start of the entertainment program, all guests can be divided into faculties. And the best students can receive symbolic prizes.

Festive themed menu

Canapes can be used as treats, and make them from numerous components that are not necessarily combined with each other.Arrange tartlets with fish and meat, use various bright sauces, offer guests meat balls, pies, sliced ​​lobules and oven-baked potatoes, cheese of different varieties.

For dessert, serve a big cake in the form of a hat or spellbook, biscuits of unusual shapes (for example, witch fingers), decorated with cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate with unusual flavors, caramelized slices of apples or pumpkins, berries, puddings of bright colors , marmalade.

As drinks, use bright cocktails, pouring them into jars with nominal or other inscriptions and adding tubes.

If you want to arrange a celebration in the style of Harry Potter, now you can definitely do it successfully using the best ideas for holding such an interesting party.

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