How to make a garland of starfish

You will need
  • - Aerosol spray with golden paint
  • -Sea stars
  • - Openwork tape for hanging
  • -Glue
Apply spray can paint to the front of starfish. Let dry and paint the other side.
After that, when your painted stars are completely dry, begin to beautifully tie them with tape. Watch carefully so that the tape does not bend anywhere or drag.
Carefully tie a knot on each star on the back side. So your stars will not fall and will be securely fixed. If necessary, use glue.
Connect all the stars with knots.
Your garland with memories of summer is ready. Enjoy!
-Sea stars and shells can be bought at any pet store as decorations for an aquarium.
-When working with an aerosol, be careful not to get the sprayer in your eyes.

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