How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands

Friends, hello. The complexity of the topic, how to build a dome greenhouse with your own hands, is not in the order of actions, calculation or even cutting of the material. And in the other. Since the desire to erect this structure arises for several atypical reasons:
  • If you approach the matter seriously, the first solid reason is the knowledge of domed structures and dome building. The landowner who exploits a film greenhouse or at best switched to a polycarbonate greenhouse is unlikely to be interested in a new design without knowing anything about it. However, the advantages that the dome brings with them are shifted from the place of the most conservative farmer. It only remains to receive detailed information.
  • The spirit of the experiment follows. Everybody wants to try something new. And why not, if the land area allows.However, there are two things here:
    1. New is well forgotten old.More precisely, out of sight.
    2. Again, knowledge.
  • The third case, which can be limited to, happens to those who has already seen the dome greenhouse, went into it, ate the result.But the separation happens again:
    1. To the one who believed in the advantages over the ordinary greenhouse.
    2. And to those who did not believe, but I wanted, pardon the expression, to show off in front of the neighbors. So, building a domed greenhouse with your own hands for brave farmers who know how to count and count. For people using advanced technology of tillage, as well as the natural cultivation of plants. Here in a greater degree a hint of vegetable crops. Although exotic with domed characteristics of heat transfer is not far off.It's time to ask you questions:
    3. Do you know that you can harvest three times a year in a dome greenhouse? For example, in central Russia with a period of pronounced summer from late May to mid-August.
    4. Did you know that with minimal winter heat provision, it is possible to plant and harvest potatoes all year round? And the electricity is optional.
    But about the secrets below.And for starters, cannon salvo from the list of basic advantages of the dome.

About the design and materials in a simple way

The dome represents the design of Fuller, an American researcher in the field of architectural geodetic structures. The mesh sheath of triangles is nothing but a self-supporting frame. Therefore, the principles of solving the post-war housing crisis were transferred to the construction of audiences, warehouses, hangars and greenhouses. The basis of our dome greenhouse includes five elements:
  1. Foundation. Here the view is divided into piles, followed by plating and welded area. The choice is yours. And I used the pile option. Building a foundation for a dome is a very tricky thing. There should be no miscalculations both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Caracas. The fence is taken as the basis for the frame. It is a standard size 100x20 mm. This is enough for a one-sided film package of the summer sample. For the winter version with double trim triangles required thickness of 40 mm board. Consider that a smaller end of 40x20 will require the use of scaffolding. And the frame of 100x20 boards can be acrobatically navigated.
  3. Connectors. Only do not laugh.I used cuttings for shovels. The standard size is 38–40 mm. The connection was a punched tape of medium hardness with one strip of holes.
  4. Film. Why is the Svetlitsa brand film chosen? The answer to this question lies in the analysis of the film tests. In Russia, of six types of film material Svetlitsa shows the best results. And the evaluation criteria are different:
    • Hydrophilicity. Drops of condensate do not fall from the Svetlitsa.
    • Hardness. The film package withstands the surface tension on the nail under its own weight. For a sample taken frame 50x30 cm.
    • Transparency. Svetlitsa has the highest rate. Loss of light is 10%. And polycarbonate all 40%.
    • Price. A square meter of film costs about 100 rubles when taking into account the thickness. My choice fell on a thickness of 120 microns. The cost per square meter from an authorized dealer with self-delivery is 47 rubles. The exact calculation of triangles with overlaps for spikes determines the running meter option. It comes in different widths: three meters or four meters.
    And most importantly, Svetlitsa is a perennial year-round film for greenhouses. Service life is 7 years.
  5. Metalware group. I used screws 4 cm long.There are recommendations to press the screws with a drill at the end. This will prevent wood from cracking along fibers. But everything requires skill and experience. If you work with a screwdriver at the desired speeds, the percentage of cracking will be minimal. I, at least, chose self-tapping screws with fine thread pitch.

What tools are required for building a dome greenhouse with my own hands

  • For cutting you need a sharp hand saw with a fine tooth. Among the circular saws, choose a stationary version with an angle of rotation.
  • To cut a punched tape, you need scissors for metal.
  • A screwdriver is a universal device today. Although we need the function of tightening screws and drilling holes.
    How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
  • For cutting a film, it's better to take a pair of scissors than a knife. And you will also need a cutting table.
  • Pile foundations differ from each other. The screw design assumes a welding machine. It is also necessary if corners are used on the foundation. I decided to do with small forces.To hammer in a metal profile of 40x20 mm, only a sledgehammer is required.
    How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
  • The entire success of the construction of the dome depends on the accuracy of the hydro level. Although the hydro level itself is used in the installation of piles and no more.
  • Do not forget about the building dryer. I specifically purchased a Chinese-made device for 800 rubles. And, you know, no complaints. He justified his best. Here are just the meter reading electricity meter, I passed 10 times more. Since the first time I did it. Experience.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the measuring tool. Roulette, construction level or meter, ruler, corner and even a plumb line is not enough. You need templates.
  • Take care of the stairs. It is desirable about the stepladder.
So, let's proceed to the calculations. They seem complicated to you, but all the dimensions are in the hands, more precisely, in the memory of the calculator to calculate the dome.


With the increasing popularity of the dome construction, the automatic calculation algorithm spread to many languages ​​and servers in different parts of the world. The query in the Internet search engine will give several options at once. In fact, it is the same calculator.To compile data, you must specify the radius of the sphere. The remaining parameters reflected in the three-dimensional figure are intuitive:
  1. Triangle frequency.
  2. The division class.
  3. Axial symmetry.
  4. Part of a sphere.
  5. Connection method.
  6. Connector diameter.
  7. Width and edge thickness.
Looks like a children's designer, only in an interactive form. The measurement results will reflect the area of ​​coverage and the base, as well as the volume of lumber and the total length of the edges. Drawings of edges, triangles and vertices will be reflected just below. As you study the calculations of the calculator, you will realize that you need to make a start from the standard sizes of materials:
  • Board lengths.
  • The lengths of the cutting for the connector.
  • Squares and dimensions of the film.
  • Pile lengths.
The main thing is to fit the main elements of the structure into the undistorted material with the smallest residue. The number of screws is counted up to plus / min five pieces. Although the stock does not hurt. Triangles of the film can be glued together from the remnants. And here I do not advise you to do this:
  • Many people forget about overlaps.
  • Gluing together the two halves is time consuming.
  • Glued triangles are inferior in safety margin. Especially in the winter.
I glued together the halves. Saved money. But not the time and nerves.Now go to the main part of the description. This is a do-it-yourself greenhouse assembly.

Assembly order

Acquisition of materials is a chore. Where, how and how much to solve each individually. Therefore, I will miss the information. But there were nuances. Most of the consumables I bought in the hardware store. Boards acquired on the sawmill. But the film was delivered to me from Moscow to order. Your option may be more practical. Yet the dome is a matter of economy. If you prepare all the elements, you only need to collect them.And now it's time to describe the order of construction activities: 1. Foundation. For ten piles, it took one six-meter rectangular profile. After the cut, the length of each pile was 60 cm. The supports deepened by 40 cm. It may seem that this length is not enough for reliability. However, the dome, as a self-supporting structure, redistributes the weight proportionally. Moreover, the stress on the piles to some extent remains inside the frame elements. The main thing when installing piles - set the level. Even millimeter deviations will be noticeable. What happened to me. Three points of support of the dome were in limbo. But this did not affect the strength of the greenhouse. Nevertheless, much depends on the work of the sledge hammer.As for the vertical alignment, it is much more difficult. I initially did not pour out the construction site and built a greenhouse on the landscape with natural irregularities. Check the accuracy of the installation of piles checked perimeter, assembled from the bottom row of ribs. The error was on the face. Height differences gave an error. The ribs did not converge. I had to re-score half of the supports. Consider this point. How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands 2. Mounting frame on piles. Installation methods are many. How much fantasy. But the obvious advantage has reliable strong options. I'll tell you how I did. Connector with four petals sawed through two grooves in the size of the end of the square pipe.
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
Put the connector on the pile. Further, in order mounted the first row of edges. The assembly of triangles has its own sequence.
How to make your own dome greenhousehands
 How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
 How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
You cannot assemble the next row without completing the previous one. You cannot tighten the screws until the end, since to align the ribs due to their natural irregularities, a backlash in the connector is required. Each petal is screwed onto two screws. Connector connector. Two points where the far one is fixed at an angle give rigidity.
 How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
Installation of the frame - this is a very exciting experience. But the newcomer faces the difficulties of joining the extreme points of the edges at any level. Therefore, I can advise here that: do not overdo with the tightening of self-tapping screws. They will probably have to be weakened, and not once. And the tree does not like it. For the assembly of the vertex, additional forces will have to be used to attract or push the connection points away from each other. Do not be alarmed if the edges do not converge.
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
With the correct sawing the problem is solved simply. Need to loosen the previous hitch knots. The process of mounting the wooden part of the dome is difficult to describe, since it is understandable only through direct contact with the object. Remember, keep the exact dimensions when cutting the material. Otherwise the dome will not assemble. The way of moving along the frame under construction is individual. The choice is between forests and acrobatic stunts along triangular segments. The second option is available to builders with low body mass.
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
3. Boarding. The assembled frame is very tough and sturdy. A further question arises: to glue the film or to create a board, sheathing piles along the perimeter? The introduction of soil into the greenhouse is possible only in the second case. I sheathed the perimeter with galvanized iron stripes 20 cm wide and 200 long. The only inconvenience was that I had to sit or kneel. Sheets were sewn into two fastening lines:
  • On a pile in pre-installed brackets.
  • In the lower ring of the ribs, which at that time was reinforced by an additional longitudinal edge.
For installation, I used a metal drill with a diameter of 3 mm and a screwdriver. In those places where the sheets did not converge into a single line, I cut them and assembled them from new points. Between the piles I fastened wooden crossbars to enhance the strength of the plating. 4. Film.Bonding the film is the most difficult process. And if you have never worked with a building hairdryer or stretch ceilings, then you should practice before the case. My mistake was the installation of the upper pentahedral of half triangles. They stuck together at home in advance. The fact is that I saved on the film, taking into account the remnants from which I collected triangles. I do not advise you to do this. A single triangular sheet is less capricious in sizing. Well, and so on. Order the film only taking into account the whole segments. Yes, there will be pruning, but they are not worth it. With each new sizing I mastered the difficult art. After all, with maximum heating, the film shrinks or burns out. When insufficient - not glued. The experience comes quickly. Especially if you are limited in expensive material. The lower row of triangles turned out to be glory. In the segments for the windows, consider the maximum overlap. The main thing - try to be less nervous when gluing together. This is really a complicated process. 5. Installing vents and doors. The opening segments are the same triangles, but without connectors. The edges in them are located in the same plane and fastened with a punched tape. Three small canopies of small size were used for each door.To attach the vents on the second tier, I used a ladder. He did this carefully so as not to tear the film. Along the perimeter of the vents and the door taped rubber strip of insulation to protect against heat loss and rainwater. At this stage of construction problems have arisen. However, fixing the elements in the open state, necessary for airing the greenhouse, made me think. Your option is your imagination. Just remember, when the window is open windage occurs. First of all, the window itself. The latch for ventilation must be very strong on both the vents and the door.
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands

Errors that I made

Even without a lot of experience in construction, the greenhouse succumbed to assembly. But mistakes were inevitable. The cunning is that they manifest themselves after assembly.I will list them:
  • Neglect of setting the exact level of the piles.Unlike other designs, the dome does not like errors.
  • Excessive tightening of self-tapping screws when assembling the frame, which led to wood cracking or inconvenience of closing points connection.
  • Gluing triangular segments of shreds. Now I would not do this.
I forgot to say that the primer for planting is applied before the film is glued. It is easier to distribute around the perimeter. Take care of the fasteners inside the greenhouse. They are required for garter plants or hanging watering cans, bottles, garden clothes. In fact, this version of the greenhouse is far from perfect. After all, the dome can be equipped with a storm drain around the perimeter, since the structure collects the maximum amount of water during rain. Do not interfere with drip irrigation system. But this topic intersects with the operation of the structure. And there are indicators of temperature, humidity, light and features of the cultivation of certain plants. You understand that this is a different story.
How to make a dome greenhouse with your own hands

Advantages of a dome greenhousegreenhouses

Their description is easier through comparison with the arched greenhouse made of polycarbonate and metal profiles that is widespread today. The yield in the dome with their own hands is 4 times higher than under the polycarbonate arch. This is due to several factors:
  • You can start planting a month earlier.
  • The harvest season will end a month later.
  • If in a conventional greenhouse the last tomatoes remain green and freeze, then everything grows in the dome.
  • If the number of tomatoes from the same number of bushes in a regular and domed greenhouse does not differ, then the size of the fruits in the second is much more.
  • The correct design of the dome collects light over the entire area, as well as the entire length of the sun movement. That is, for the whole sunny day. When, as a polycarbonate construct, the light takes only an angle of 90 degrees.
  • In the arched structure, the total heat due to the shape is 1–1.2 meters, and with a square base even higher. In the dome, due to the reduced volume of air, the heat is at a level of 0.8 meters and lower.
  • The dome warms up faster and gives off heat longer.Since the area of ​​dispersion and heat loss is lower than that of the arched structure. When the temperature in the arched greenhouse in the morning temperature is +5 degrees Celsius, then in the dome the night from +20 remains.
  • On the economic side, the advantages are obvious. For an example, the material is polycarbonate. It is also used in the construction of the dome. Although the film remains a more practical material. So, on the dome greenhouse with a diameter of 6 meters and an area of ​​27 squares would take 4 sheets of polycarbonate. And on the arched area of ​​18 squares - also 4 sheets of plastic coating. Dome construction comes out 30% cheaper on materials.
  • By the way, the material for manufacturing is widely distributed in construction stores.
  • Assembly by yourself is quite simple. Erection is available for everyone. Even alone. Requires only the ability to work with a screwdriver. Film version involves the operation of a building dryer. Oddly enough, but the preliminary calculation takes more mental effort. However, today there are interactive calculators for calculating the dome.
  • Erection time. Assembly and preparation of elements takes 5 days. Production - 2 days. A total of a week.That is, for a week of creative fruitful work, you get a greenhouse with a round base with a diameter of, say, 8 meters and an area of ​​50 squares.
Simply put, a small mass and a large internal space, repeating the movement of the sun.


When assembling a dome greenhouse with your own hands, you should not be in a hurry and hurry up in the cutting of the material. Preparatory work should take more time. A calculation is better to do several times in a row during the week. In any case, no mistake in the calculations or construction will discourage your desire to build a dome structure.

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