How to make a "bouquet" for a bath

To this day, proverbs have come down, glorifying the miraculous properties of a bath besom. One of them says "in the bath a broom is more expensive than money." Indeed, bath procedures are much more pleasant and useful if a broom participates in them. The most popular are birch and oak, but in the old days they knew very well at what ailment what “bouquet” of herbs and tree branches to use. And today the ability to competently combine the gifts of Russian nature with the heat of the bath is important.

Despite the fact that the birch broom is considered a universal remedy for pain in the joints, muscles, respiratory diseases, skin inflammation, it can add stalks of nettle or wormwood. Moreover, the brooms of these herbs themselves are short-lived. Those who know a lot about bath brooms, make bath “bouquets” themselves, inserting several sprigs of tansy, mint or fireweed. Diversity depends on personal preferences and the disease that you want to get rid of.

Nettle is taken young, and after placing a broom in warm water (just not in boiling water!), Its leaves will not cause burning. Nettle broom is effective for rheumatism, skin inflammation, kidney and liver diseases. Wormwood well disinfects and relieves insomnia. Just a couple of twigs in combination with birch will not cause a sharp unpleasant smell, but they will have the necessary healing effect on the body. But to combine wormwood with a mountain ash broom is useless, because mountain ash has a strong tonic effect that suppresses the soothing properties of wormwood.

It is recommended to add tansy to mountain ash, and wormwood is good for females in combination with oregano and mint. Mixed brooms are much more interesting to use and they are more useful. After studying the properties of a plant and turning on the imagination, you can make bath brooms from a variety of components. Mixing is also welcomed because some brooms are too rough (coniferous, juniper), and others, on the contrary, are flimsy (wormwood, nettle).

Recently, the eucalyptus broom has become widespread, but for the sake of economy, it can be taken apart into twigs and used together with the birch broom. Bird-cherry broom is inflexible and contains a large number of phytoncids, which can be dangerous.Ash in itself is poisonous. But as an addition to other brooms, bird cherry and ash can have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

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