How to learn to save money and save money with a small salary

Not every person can boast a decent salary. Sometimes, for certain reasons, the money earned is only enough for a few weeks. As a result, you have to go into debt. It is not surprising that many of us are interested in how to learn how to save money and save money with a small salary.

If a small monthly income, do not hurry upset. Many have to live from paycheck to paycheck, and debts are common. The habit of spending all the money is of a universal nature.

Step-by-step action plan

A waste of money is a habit, so it will be possible to replace it with another manner. In particular, even with a small income you can save some of the money. Consider other ways to save and save.

  • Determine the purpose for which you are going to save. Remember the dreams and choose the option for which you can suffer a few months.Otherwise, the motive will disappear, and the accumulated funds will be wasted.
  • With any income unconditionally delay a small amount. Enough 5-10%. Undoubtedly, a person's life is constantly accompanied by force majeure, but if everything is in order, follow the rule strictly.
  • After collecting a small amount, open a deposit with a compound interest in a bank — when, after a certain period of time, the accrued interest is added to the amount invested and, in the future, “drips” from the increased deposit.
  • It is important that the account into which the money is deposited is unavailable. On such deposits are higher interest.
  • If you have taken a loan, after repayment, transfer the amount equal to the monthly payment to the deposit account. Surely during the repayment of the loan, learned to save.
  • If you want to buy something beautiful, big and expensive, postpone the purchase for several weeks. During this time, the euphoria will pass.
  • Pay in cash in cash. If you use a credit card, you will have to pay interest to the bank. Moreover, paying cash, it is easier to set aside a percentage of the amount spent.
  • Do not forget to keep a diary and fix the purchases throughout the week. At the end of the week, analyze the expenses and determine what products you will refuse. Funds that will save next week, put on the account.

We reviewed general tips that will help you learn how to save money and save money with a small salary. I will add that if revenues increase dramatically, do not drastically change your lifestyle.

How to learn to save money on food

Sample economical meals

The lion’s share of the family’s budget is left in grocery stores, on markets and in supermarkets. How to learn to save money on food so that the food remains healthy and full?

Consider very effective ways to save, allowing you to save up to thirty percent of the monthly household budget.

  1. Do not go to the store with an empty stomach. Do not take a credit card. So buy the most important products without cost overruns.
  2. Do not buy semi-finished products. Learn to do them yourself. As a result, you lose interest in baking, sausages and semi-finished products. All family members should participate in the preparation of household convenience foods.Cutlets, dumplings and dumplings are frozen for a long time and quickly prepare breakfast or lunch.
  3. Make a menu for the week. So learn what to cook for breakfast or dinner. This will help the rational use of products on different days. Buy products guided by the daily menu.
  4. Go to the grocery store. If you have a desire to buy something delicious, write a treat in the menu, oriented next week. Before going to the supermarket, be sure to take a discount card and package.
  5. In stores, inspect the lower shelves and the far corners of the racks. There are cheap and fresh goods. In stores in sight are the most expensive goods and products, the shelf life of which is coming to an end.
  6. Sealed goods that are stored for a long time, buy in wholesale stores. In particular, buying cereals or sugar in the bag, decently save. At any time you can cooperate with neighbors or relatives.
  7. Choose local products. Such companies spend less money on transportation and sales. Consequently, local products are more affordable.
  8. Visit the market more often during the season. This will open access to fresh food. And if you look at the market in the evening, you can buy cheaper.
  9. Freeze food and get ready for winter. Owners of a good freezer need to master the freezing of products. It's about greenery, berries, mushrooms. As a result, you can save on food in the winter. Prepare yourself for winter by preparing jam, soup preparations and canned vegetables.
  10. Fish and meat buy wisely. In particular, buying a whole chicken will be cheaper than buying in parts. In addition, a wonderful soup is prepared from the paws and wings. If you buy red fish, use the filet for making the main dish, and cook soup or broth from the head.
  11. Many at work buy food in cafeterias, and drinks in vending machines. Bring to work harvested food in containers, and in a drawer hold a thermos with tea or coffee.

A few months of such savings on food will help move on to tasty, varied and healthy food.

How to save in the family

A small income sometimes does not interfere with buying expensive things and going on vacation. At the same time, some even decent earnings do not help to get out of large debts. All because people do not know how to save money in the family.To achieve the goal will have to learn to analyze life and maintain a family budget.

  • Plan income and expenses. Some do not know how much money is in their wallet. In such circumstances, save will not work.
  • Credits say no. According to experts, the loan is justified if it helps to earn (business expansion) or the life of the thing that is bought exceeds the term of the loan agreement (car loan).
  • . The real saving of the family budget provides for the saving of ten percent of the income received per month. In most cases, this amount is invisible.
  • Postpone unexpected funds. We are talking about gifts, returned debts, lottery winnings, and so on.
  • Buy multiple envelopes. In each, put money on unexpected expenses and holidays. As practice shows, a sudden breakdown of a mobile phone or an unexpected invitation to an event can deplete the family budget.
  • Avoid emotional shopping.. Before buying a little thing, think a little. It is possible that the next day you begin to doubt the purchase. The list of emotional purchases includes cheap shoes, discount equipment, a fashionable skirt on sale.
  • Make a menu for the week. It will simplify the process of restocking and budget savings. Buy long-stored products in bulk, and the goods that have to be purchased daily in small stalls. The range of such outlets does not provoke the acquisition of unplanned things.
  • Divide the purchased products into groups and carefully analyze. According to studies, the third part of the budget of an average family is spent on sweets and harm, without which it is easy to do or replace with a useful analogue.
  • Little things - invisible thieves. As practice shows, the purchase of a refrigerator is far less depleting a wallet than regular purchases of gum, chocolates, coffee in vending machines and other gizmos. If you drink a lot, carry a bottle of water with you, and reading lovers are cheaper to buy an e-book.
  • Many people like to eat anywhere, but not at home. They visit cafeterias and pizzerias, leaving a tidy sum there. Sometimes you can't do without fast food. But such expenses must be present in the budget.
  • Buy only quality items. The cost of a good shoe or a reliable drill is high, but these things will last a long time and will more than pay off.
  • Buy concentrates and versatile products. Every housewife uses household chemicals. The purchase of such products is more expensive, but a small expense and a long service life will help save.

14 ways to save

Now it is no secret how to learn how to save money in the family. Applying these methods in practice, make sure to save and save money even in the conditions of modern life is real.

How to save as Europeans

Europeans at an early age learn how to properly spend the budget. The trend can be traced in all European countries, the inhabitants of which are available many social benefits. Europeans save on household appliances, clothes, household utensils, food and even medicine. The only thing they do not save on is education.

Europeans get a high quality of life by properly allocating the budget. According to statistics, most Europeans buy goods and use services during sales.

Consider a few European countries whose inhabitants skillfully manage the budget. Recommendations will help solve financial problems, repay loans, improve health and rest.

How Germans save

The leading position in the field of economy occupied by the Germans. Every German citizen tries to save 10% of his income on children and pensions every month. The bulk of the income goes to housing and food. The second position in terms of costs is occupied by transport and maintenance.

In Germany, saving clothes is a common thing. Germans can walk for years in one thing. Even after long socks, they do not throw things out, but donate to charitable foundations and organizations.

In this European country, they greatly save on utilities. The Germans turned on the heating system only after the onset of extreme cold. If the room temperature is tolerable, use an extra blanket or put on another socks.

The only thing the Germans willingly spend money on is travel. For travel for tourism purposes, they can spend a decent portion of their savings.

How to save the French

The French have a different approach to saving money. Before buying any gizmos, they actively visit sites and catalogs in search of information. Only after a family vote buy.

Residents of France save on travel. In our country, for this purpose, people have to walk or change from car to bike.The French in turn use one car and collectively go in a certain direction.

In France, concentrated the largest number of gourmets who like to eat. The average Frenchman spends about a quarter of his income on food.

How to save the Swedes

Sweden is a wonderful European country, whose residents have to pay high taxes, up to 60% of income. Like the Germans, the Swedes take care of their clothes and wear them for several years. In the country, unnecessary items sold over the Internet.

Thanks to high taxes, Swedes have free education and medicine. If a resident of Sweden needs to purchase medicines in the amount of 1000 euros, he will pay only 250. The remaining amount will be covered by the state.

Helpful Tips

If you have carefully read the article, certain ideas and ideas will surely come up that will help to properly manage the family budget. Take advantage of the knowledge gained in practice.

Under the influence of habits is not easy to start saving. If you really want to master the art of saving money, you will have to change habits. On the way to the goal possible disruptions and buying useless things.However, do not stop. Look forward to success and follow the plan.

Passing by gizmos that you can buy, but do not buy for the sake of saving, try to set aside the amount corresponding to the value of things. In a few minutes the piggy bank will increase.

Unless absolutely necessary, do not borrow money and do not take loans. Even the most profitable loan will have to overpay. It is better to wait, save and buy for cash.

Video Tips

At the end of each month, sum up the results to see the fruits of the work done, set goals and be proud of the achievements.

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Article how to learn to save money and save money when a small salary came to an end. I hope, thanks to the advice, you can give the child an education, make a good repair in the house, and repeatedly go on vacation abroad.

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