How to learn to remember names, numbers and dates?

Bad memory is not a verdict or even a problem. There are plenty of ways to memorize and record information, as well as useful tips for scattered people. In the article you will find recommendations that will make life much easier.

Remember the names

If you constantly forget the names of new acquaintances and especially old ones, for you there are several practical tips:

  • After acquaintance with the person, repeat his name several times aloud, addressing him with any questions. You can also say a word after the end of dating and meeting.
  • Look for associations. Learn about a person of any fact and immediately tie him to the name. For example, if a new acquaintance has a big fluffy dog, then at the next meeting, think about it, so that the memory will give you a name.
  • Build connections. Remember those close to you or famous people with the same name and find among them similar to your new friend. For example, the usual guy Andrei can have common features with actor Andrei Mironov or football player Andrei Arshavin.
  • Try to visualize the name, presenting it written on a sheet of paper collected from the clouds in the sky.
  • Write all the names in a separate notebook. And in order to avoid confusion, indicate also the circumstances of the dating and the distinctive features.

Do not forget the dates

It is more difficult to remember dates, because in memory you need to keep a whole combination of numbers, and various numbers surround us everywhere. Try to follow the guidelines:

  • Use associations and matches. So, a loved one's birthday can surprisingly coincide with the number plate of your car or a few digits of a phone number. The numbers that you remember well will remind you of important dates.
  • Draw parallels. If you need to remember a single date associated with a low-interest or historical event, find out what makes it even more remarkable. Perhaps this day your favorite singer was born. It will be much easier to record in the memory information about the idol.
  • If you need to memorize a whole bunch of dates before an exam in history or another subject, then first select the most important event and count it, subtracting or adding the year.Unambiguous numbers are much easier to memorize, and simple calculations should not cause difficulties.
  • To memorize important or historical dates, you can use the card method, widely used in the study of foreign languages. Cut a sheet of paper into cards, write down the dates on them, and then pull one out in a chaotic manner and try to remember what happened on that day.
  • If there is something important to be, and in no case should you forget about it, start counting down, every day imagining how much time is left before the event. You can also prepare and scroll through your head plan of action or options for the development of the situation.
  • Help yourself and mark the day in a visible calendar or set a reminder in the gadget: phone, tablet, laptop.

We fix numbers and digital combinations in memory

How to learn to quickly memorize numbers and their combinations? They have become an integral part of our life and are persecuted everywhere: in passwords, telephone numbers, prices. Use these tricks:

  • If you need to remember some phone number, then manually dial it as often as possible or periodically write on paper.Visual perception and automation of actions will allow to fix the information in memory and, if necessary, quickly reproduce it. If you cannot call the numbers, try to type them on a real, improvised or virtual keyboard.
  • Try to speak the number for some simple and well-known melody or come up with a certain measure for it.
  • If there are rhyming numbers in the room, focus on this and repeat the number combination several times like a poem.
  • Divide the phone number into groups that are more convenient for your perception. You can fix a bunch of two or three digits, divided into two-digit or three-digit numbers.
  • Look for associations. For example, in combination, an apartment or house number, personal car, date of birth, or other event may be encrypted.
  • If you need to remember a password, write it several times and say it out loud. The combination is sure to be fixed by the brain and stored in memory.
  • Dividing the password or code into segments, you can create an association for each of them.
  • Divide the combination into groups and think up a story or story for them.For example, your password is gans324vs. The plot association might look something like this: gans said “324” and then sang “vs”.
  • Even if you use a code, cipher, number, password or other combination infrequently, play it daily, so that information is not erased from memory as unnecessary.

Remember the lyrics

Remember the whole text before a speech, exam or presentation is much more difficult, because the amount of information is rather big. But everything is possible if you try and use life hacking. First, read the entire text out loud several times. Secondly, reproduce it with a certain intonation, for example, with sorrow, joy, solemnity. Thirdly, you can write text, and to someone this method helps better than others. Fourthly, you can write information with theses, highlighting the main thoughts or facts that you are afraid to forget. Fifth, conduct a general rehearsal by reading the text in front of a friend or relative.

Using the information in the article tips, you will learn faster and easier to remember important and necessary information. And regularly train your memory!

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