How to learn to laugh beautifully and infectiously?

Beautiful laughter attracts attention and immediately attracts all around. If he is too loud or rude, it can, on the contrary, repel. And how to make your laugh beautiful and infectious?

What should be female laughter?

How can and should a girl laugh?

  • First, quietly. The loud laughter of many annoying and very annoying, in addition, it can prevent others.
  • Secondly, restrained. Of course, unbridled fun is great, but only in the company of old friends and not in a public place.
  • Third, feminine. Gruff feminine laughter is an indicator of bad taste.
  • Fourth, nice and elegant. During laughter, there should not be any extraneous sounds such as grunting.

How to identify shortcomings?

To change and correct your laughter and make it beautiful, you need, first of all, to determine what needs to be changed, that is, to identify the shortcomings. There are several ways to do this.The first is a frank conversation with friends, family or relatives. Just ask a person who has known you for a long time and will not be afraid to tell you the truth to describe your laughter. Let him tell you what you like and what, on the contrary, annoys or confuses.

The second method is suitable for shy natures. Invite your friends to visit, think up some fun activity and put a camera somewhere in the corner or in another secluded place, immediately forgetting about it. Do not think about shooting, relax and laugh. After the party, review the recording and appreciate your laughter. List all that you liked and did not like.

If you are confused by the camera, and you can not relax, constantly thinking about it, then just read a funny joke or watch a funny movie or video and laugh in front of the mirror.

How to change a laugh?

How to learn to laugh beautifully?

  1. Determine how you should laugh. For this you can imagine yourself laughing nicely. If your imagination does not work so well, then you can take as a basis the laughter of some friend, acquaintance or, for example, a celebrity.
  2. Learn to hold back. Yes, it would seem that the most contagious is usually sparking and emotional laughter, but often it turns out to be not very beautiful.So when you have fun, try to monitor your behavior, facial expressions. Try not to wave your arms, do not swing, do not fall on the floor (and this also happens), do not hit yourself on the stomach and head. Laughter, which is more like a tantrum or convulsions, will not please anyone. If you are very funny, and you can not stop, then leave the room, drink water and think about something else. The most that a true lady can do is lightly cover her mouth with her hand.
  3. Do not throw your head back. First, it makes the laughter more loud, ugly and throaty. Secondly, such a gesture can be regarded as an indicator of bad manners.
  4. Learn to smile. For this, you have to practice at the mirror. Choose the most suitable smile and remember it. For example, if you have not very attractive teeth, then you should not open them completely. It is undesirable to lift the corners of the lips, it looks unnatural and ugly. A smile should be casual and sincere, so do not strain all the facial muscles, but just relax, think about something good and remember your facial expression.
  5. Do not open your mouth too wide, it looks extremely unpleasant and rude, and also increases the risk of accidentally splashing saliva on your interlocutor.You can slightly open it, slightly showing his teeth.
  6. Do not laugh out loud, especially in society. Loud female laughter looks extremely unpleasant. But if you laugh softly, then just cause sympathy. So as soon as you plan to give vent to emotions during the fun, immediately begin to control the volume of your voice, so as not to look ridiculous.
  7. Do not laugh if you're not funny. It will look like a mock one, so that you will immediately be "snapped". But how to be, so as not to offend a person? If he was joking, but you didn’t understand the joke, just smile, but try to do it sincerely.
  8. During laughter, try to avoid various extraneous "attached" sounds and actions, for example, whistling, yelping, grunting, spluttering with drool. At first it will not be easy, but if you constantly watch yourself, you will soon learn to laugh beautifully. To get rid of everything superfluous as quickly as possible, try to laugh more at home alone and correct mistakes, so that in the company you do not hit the dirt in the face.
  9. Practice. It may seem strange, but training will really help change laughter for the better.It is advisable to laugh in proud solitude and focus on laughter. You can watch comedies or read jokes and even tickle yourself. Literally after a week of such “laughter fitness” you will notice a change for the better.
  10. Laugh only when appropriate. So, there are situations and places, laughing is simply indecent. And the choked laughter looks no less impolite than the open one. If you can not laugh, but really want to, think about something else and get distracted, this should help. For example, you can focus on some kind of problem you have or on solving a complex problem. In general, borrow the brain with something else, and the laughter will stop. In addition, you can, for example, pinch yourself, it also helps to distract.
  11. It is also important what you laugh at. For example, laughing at "flat" jokes is not worth it, it will characterize you as not the most intelligent and uneducated girl.

Learn to laugh femininely and beautifully and don't worry about how you will look.

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