How to learn to dance street dance

How to learn to dance street danceDo you like to move to the music and enjoy watching street dancers with pleasure? It's time to try and start dancing yourself! Of course, in order to perform complex gymnastic figures, you will need to devote a lot of time to training, but simple movements can be mastered quickly and even without special training.


Learn how to learn to dance street dancing at home. Video lessons are one of the most common and really effective ways to learn how to dance on your own. They will help you learn basic movements, and also do all the necessary stretches and preparatory exercises.


How to learn to dance street dance - step by step instructions


1. First, you need to choose the right clothes that will not hinder movement. Sports pants or stretching leggings will work best, you can wear a T-shirt, top or hoodie to the top. You also need sports shoes for training, sneakers or sneakers. The main thing is that in this dress you feel comfortable.


2Then you should plan your training schedule. Since you will spend them yourself, you can easily choose the most convenient time for yourself.


3. Prepare a place for your activities, a large room or part of it will fit. It will be great if you can practice in a room where there is a large mirror. So you will see your every movement and be able to follow the clarity of its performance.


4. Browse the Internet for videos of various types of street dancing to choose the most interesting style.


5. Once you have decided on the dance direction, you need to enter a request with the name of the dance on YouTube or another service with a video, you will immediately see a lot of video lessons.


6. Pick up suitable music for practicing; modern compositions with a clear rhythmic pattern are well suited for this. So it will be easier for you to fall in time with your movements.


7. As soon as you select a video lesson and music, free up space for training, you can safely begin training. Now you need to focus on what a professional dancer is showing, watch carefully and repeat all movements.


8.If you are not able to do everything at a real pace, stop the video and go through each step of the video lesson slowly, gradually accelerating.


9. Having mastered the basic set of movements, try to link them into a complex.


10. Invented combinations of movements work to the music.


The more you train, the faster you will get the desired result. Of course, you should not overdo it, as soon as you are very tired, take pauses and breaks. Starting this venture, you need to clearly understand that the effect of classes is very much dependent on you. Merely wanting to “want to learn how to dance street dances” is not enough, you need to devote enough time to training. Be prepared that the first time, not everyone will be easy, maybe you will not feel too flexible person. But do not worry and be disappointed in your abilities. All you need is practice, practicing several times a week you can learn to dance beautifully.


Some important tips:


  • Build a clear schedule of classes and follow it exactly, so you will get used to training at the same time and you will not be lazy;
  • Before classes, watch the video lessons from different teachers to choose for themselves the most suitable;
  • if you cannot understand how to make a certain movement correctly, try to watch another video clip, where it can be shown in more detail or from a different angle;
  • work in front of the mirror, so you can immediately see your mistakes;
  • train with your girlfriend or boyfriend so that if something happens, they will help you master difficult movements;
  • supplement your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, properly nutrition will help you improve physical fitness;
  • drink enough water a day, because during exercise you lose a lot of fluid;
  • Do not be afraid to show your emotions in the dance, it does not spoil it, but on the contrary will add extra originality.


Remember that dancing is not only a great way to keep yourself in great shape, but also a pleasant hobby. Regularly exercising and moving to the music, you will feel an improvement in health. It is known that dancing can be the best medicine for depression or stress, they have a positive effect on your mood.


If you are still not confident in your abilities, drop all doubts. The main thing is to start training, and only then you are exactly drawn into the process and will be happy to deal with, getting more and more result.

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