How to learn beatbox

Everyone saw on television the performances of the guys, in which they made strange sounds, combined into a cool melody. After viewing there are different opinions. Someone is skeptical, others are beginning to wonder how to learn to beatbox at home from scratch.

Bitbox - creating sounds identical to musical instruments, with the help of voice. People who have mastered this art perfectly can imitate the sound of a guitar, drums and even synthesizers.

The musical direction appeared in Chicago in the early 90s. Beatbox professionals tour extensively and earn decent money. Their fees often exceed the earnings of real stars of show business.

Basic beatbox sounds

Despite the seeming complexity, everyone can master the craft. Enough to know a few sounds. Among them:

  • [b] - “big butterfly”;
  • [t] - “plate”;
  • [pf] - “snare”.

To study the beatbox at home there are few requirements. Mastering basic sounds will take a long time.Let us examine them in more detail.

  1. "Big butterfly». The sound is reproduced by pronouncing the letter “b” without a voice by means of compressed air. Squeeze the lips as tightly as possible, lightly inflate the cheeks and, continuing to squeeze the lips, begin to exhale and at the same time say “b”. The volume of the sound is moderate. At the beginning there will be difficulties, but after several trainings conquer this step.
  2. "Plate". The task is reduced to the repeated pronunciation of the word "here" in a whisper. The loudest sounds only the first letter. Having mastered the technique, pronounce the letter “t” without any other sounds.
  3. "Snare". It will take more time and effort to master the sound, as it combines the quiet sound “b” and the louder sound “f”. Switch to learning after mastering the two previous sounds. Otherwise, nothing happens.
  4. Layout. Having learned to pronounce three sounds, concentrate on composing sounds. The main bit is the sequence of sounds: “big butterfly”, “plate”, “snare”, “plate”. Work hard on pronunciation. To facilitate the task, remove the last sound, and then return it back.
  5. Speed. Be sure to pay attention to speed. Ultimately, learn how to quickly and clearly pronounce the bit.

I looked at the first steps on how to learn beatbox. You need to constantly evolve, learn new bits and strive to become better.

Video lessons and exercises

In the matter of studying the beatbox plays a huge role breathing. It is not possible to reproduce long bits without breathing. Therefore, constantly train your lungs, watch educational videos, listen to music.

Constant training is the key to success. Try, experiment and let your imagination run wild.

How to learn beatbox from scratch

Bitbox - the creation of melodies, sounds and rhythms of various instruments with the help of the mouth. If you decide to devote your free time to this activity, the story of how to learn beatbox from scratch will be useful.

The strategic goal was determined, it remains to understand where to start. The starting point in this matter is the study of the basic principles of musical direction.

  • Mastering the playback of the three main sounds - the basics of the beatbox. Kick, hat and the snare.
  • Having learned how to correctly reproduce sounds individually, start creating bits, combining sounds in various ways.If nothing happens, do not rush to drop your hands. In the creation of rhythmic melodies a metronome will help.
  • Without proper breathing, you will not succeed. Pay attention to breathing training and lung development. Bitbox is not friendly with bad habits. Quitting smoking is a paramount task.
  • Learn from the professionals. It is not necessary to sign up for courses. Watch the performances of successful performers and copy their actions. Listening to the advice, delving into the details and learning the secrets of success, learn to create bits of varying complexity.
  • Do not disregard the development of abilities. Adapt popular songs to the bits. After successfully imitating the song, change the original version or create a variation. The result will be a new work that will expand the boundaries of creative abilities.

Remember, the main teacher is a constant practice. Systematically hone skills, reproduce new sounds and invent new compositions. Do not be afraid to mix combinations or restrain imagination. If the new work seems boring or unfinished, try to complement it with the sounds of nature. This will bring the bits to a new level.

Do not forget that the rhythm and tempo are directly dependent on the ease and clarity of playing individual sounds. The beatbox master characterizes playback clarity, not speed.

How to learn beatbox at home

Professional bit boxer

Bitbox - a musical direction that is rapidly gaining popularity. All music styles make extensive use of this type of sound reproduction. Fans of style are very interested in how to learn beatbox at home.

When you look at a person playing live music using this technique, it seems that this is done elementary. In reality, beatbox is a difficult task that requires confidence, endurance and patience.

  1. Skills. To master beatbox without trained ligaments, developed breathing and good articulation will not work. Mastering the art involves having a good ear, a sense of rhythm and the ability to sing. Therefore, start with the development of these skills.
  2. Lung development. Special music studios teach this style, but learn to beatbox it will turn out independently, without leaving the house. For lung development, use gymnastics based on breathing techniques, and even a yoga instructor will not be required.
  3. Tongue Twisters. They will help you learn how to use a set of articulation tools, including teeth, lips, sky and tongue. Singing along with dancing will improve the voice and sense of rhythm.
  4. Mastering basic sounds. Without this, it will not be possible to become a real beatboxer. The number of the simplest elements is huge - barrels, propellers, plates and so on. Without knowing it, you already know how to play most of the correct sounds.
  5. Listening to records. As a guideline, it is recommended to use recordings of sounds, which are abound on the Internet. Download them and compare your playback with the standards.
  6. Online lessons. In the old days, beginner beatboxers had to learn art alone by listening to their favorite tracks. Now open virtual schools and free lessons to help fast learning.
  7. Layout of bundles. Based on the learned sounds, create small and maximally simple bundles. They serve as a base for creating complex compositions. Believe me, every professional beatboxer has a whole pack of useful pieces.

I looked at how to learn beatbox at home.With the help of the instructions you will begin to perform full-fledged compositions, the complexity of which will increase over time.

Strong beatbox video

Thanks to hard work you will be able to climb to the peak of excellence, where creative activities involving participation in contests and tournaments await.

Beatbox history

In conclusion, I will tell you about the history of the musical direction. Beatbox can read each person. You do not even need to sign up for a music school or buy musical instruments that cannot be called cheap pleasure.

A person who has climbed to the top of the mastery can be called an orchestra. Using his lips and tongue, he simultaneously sings and reproduces the beautiful play of various musical instruments, including drums, cymbals and guitars.

According to popular belief, the birthplace of beatbox is the American city of Chicago. He was born along with hip-hop. In reality, the roots of art stretch into the distant XIII century. In those days, such a concept as a DJ or pop singer was not heard. French troubadours sang in town squares without using musical instruments.Each member of the group using the mouth imitated the sound of a particular instrument. It turned out a great composition. Residents of neighboring states learned this art only two centuries later.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the musical direction was forgotten, and it was possible to be revived only at the end of the XIX century. In the XVIII century, some African tribes used a bit of a beatbox during rituals.

It is difficult to say who became the first beatboxer of the modern world. Nevertheless, thanks to art, for the first time, the Brooklyn team called TheFatBoys, which won the talent competition, became famous for the first time.

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The number of beatboxers who have achieved success is in the hundreds. Now you know how to learn beatbox from scratch at home. If you strive and work hard, it is possible that the whole world will know about you and your talent, and your name will show off on one of the walls of the hall of fame. I wish you patience, restraint and success in this difficult task.

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