How to keep bones strong

Prevention of osteoporosis



Osteoporosis is a serious problem of our time. The sooner a person finds out about the existence of this problem, the more chances he has to prevent osteoporosis, since it is not inevitable.


Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass. The skeleton is designed not only to support the body. In addition to this essential function, bones are also a repository of minerals that are vital for the work of the whole organism. When our food contains an insufficient amount of mineral substances, the body, in order to fill their shortage, takes them away from the bones. Thus, with improper diet and lifestyle, it turns out that the body eats itself, the bones become fragile and porous.


In men, bone loss begins around 40 years and is slow (approximately 0.3% per year). Usually men do not face the problem of bone destruction up to 80 years.


The situation is different for women. Bone loss begins much earlier, for about 30 years, calcium reserves are actively depleted during pregnancy and lactation.After menopause, bone loss gains an ever-faster pace, until it exceeds the rate of loss in men by 10 times. One of the reasons is the loss of the female estrogen hormone, which slows down the process of reducing bone mass. Between the ages of 50 and 70, a woman can lose 30% of bone mass.


This is a serious risk factor in the life of every woman. Therefore, from early youth, from 18–20 years old, prevention of osteoporosis should begin and be carried out throughout life.


If you are familiar with the existence of this problem later than 20 years, do not be discouraged.

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