How to insulate the walls of the log house

For insulating the facade of a log house, heat insulation material released in the form of mats is most often used. For log walls, foam plastic is better not to choose because of its vapor-tightness, but many homeowners still choose this option because of its cheapness and ease of installation.

However, not everything is as good as it may seem. When the log house is insulated with foam plastic, the walls lose the ability to breathe, while the foam produces condensate that accumulates between the insulation and the wall and gradually causes the wood to rot. Also, the material belongs to the category of combustible - when heated, it emits substances harmful to the human body. Of course, everyone can decide whether it makes sense to save on their own health, but it is still better to choose insulation mats.

Before you start mounting on the wall of the insulating material, you must install the mounting bracket. On them from the vertical bars build a crate.Each step of horizontal fasteners must be equal to the width of the mat. To install the insulation in place, the strip must be rolled in the direction from top to bottom. To make the mats fit snugly to the logs, nail along the horizontal joint of the batten, their cross section should be 2x4 cm. When reinforcing the battens, make sure that the mat does not become pinched.

After all the mats are installed in place, a hydro-protective layer is placed on top of them and fixed with the help of the same rails. After that, a support bar for the facade battens with a section of 5x5 cm is installed. The cladding material is mounted to the facade - this is the end of the work.

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