How to improve relations in a new team?

If you had to change jobs, then surely you are a little intimidated or confused by the idea that you will meet new people who, by the way, will be your colleagues. And how to correctly, painlessly and quickly join the team?

How to become part of the new team?

  1. First of all, do not rush. Do not expect that you will be met with open arms, taken for "their" and immediately devote to all secrets. This will happen hardly (although it is still possible). But in most cases it takes much more time to "inject" the team. This process can take several weeks or even months, be prepared for this and be patient.
  2. How to behave in the first days of the new job? Do not worry. Relax and just be yourself, then people themselves will reach out to you. If you are constantly in tension, then this condition can be transmitted to your colleagues. In addition, you may find a nervous, unbalanced, or even inadequate person, and this also will not do you good.
  3. Do not try to show that you want to make friends with colleagues, do not impose and do not "suck up". This is not only very annoying, but it can also expose you as a person and employee in a not very good light.
  4. Observe the dress code and try to be like everyone else. Work is not a place where you can stand out from the crowd and shock. Too bright employees are often perceived as frivolous, therefore, they are skeptical.
  5. Find out and follow all the rules in force in the team, both established by the authorities and unwritten. Now you are a part of the system, and in order for it to work smoothly, each employee must obey certain laws.
  6. Respect the leader, even if you dislike him. No, you should not try to become his friend or fan, it will only set the rest of your colleagues against you. But by all means listen to his opinion, ask for advice and seek help (but not very often, if absolutely necessary).
  7. Do not seek to show the boss how good you are. And in any case, do not be conceited. In the end, if you really are an experienced and talented professional and a master of his craft, then it will certainly be noticed, but in due time.A "window dressing" and demonstration of skills will irritate your new colleagues and put you up with a boaster and an asshole.
  8. Do not gossip, nobody loves it! Even if you are actively provoked to gossip, you should not take part in them. No, you should not refuse to talk, otherwise colleagues may think that you are indifferent and arrogant. But say only what you are sure of. And never insult anyone, do not condemn and do not criticize, even if all this is completely justified. It is desirable to keep your subjective (and even objective) opinion with you.
  9. Do not join groups. In some companies, the team is divided into coalitions, and a new employee can become a new potential member of the group for the leaders and a real “tasty morsel”. But the main objectives of the formation of such associations are often the seizure of power, gossip, as well as privileges from the authorities. Probably in the future you will join a group, it is often inevitable, and it is always very difficult to be a loner. But for now, look, analyze and reason.
  10. Do not complain to the authorities, "sneak" do not like anywhere. Try to solve all the issues and problems yourself, for this you will be respected.
  11. If the team has representatives of the opposite sex, do not flirt with them! First, it will inevitably lead to rivalry. Secondly, official novels hinder work and climb the career ladder.
  12. If you were accepted to a new position "by acquaintance", you should not advertise this.
  13. Perform your duties, try to quickly learn and grasp everything literally on the fly.
  14. Show sincere interest, and not only to what is happening in the company, but also to the personal problems of colleagues. But to become a "vest" is not worth it, you will be greatly disturbed and annoyed in the future.
  15. Express your opinion, but do not be an "upstart".
  16. Take part in non-professional community activities.
  17. It should be benevolent, responsive and friendlier.
  18. Try to find an adviser or even a mentor who will help you and help you find your place in the team.
  19. Maintain jokes and develop a sense of humor, it helps to relate to everything and accelerate production processes. But joking all the time or using “black” humor is not necessary.
  20. Do not behave defiantly and vulgarly, try not to attract everyone's attention.
  21. Even if the new work seems very difficult to you, do not whine and do not complain, do not like “whiners” anywhere.

What if the team did not accept you?

Even if you followed all the above tips, this does not mean that everything will go smoothly and quickly, some problems may well arise. The causes of difficulties can be very different, and they do not necessarily have to apply to you.

For example, you could take a position claimed by many employees of the company, in this case, all will be led by envy. It is also quite likely that your place was previously held by a respected and beloved colleague who was fired by mistake and unfair. But still, your behavior can also affect people's attitudes towards you.

So, what to do if you don’t want to be accepted in a team?

  • Carefully analyze your behavior. Are you doing everything right, do not you look too arrogant or, on the contrary, squeezed and detached? Are you too rough or cold, are you not obsessive? In general, watch yourself, literally every gesture, every word, intonation, movements. Also evaluate the reaction of colleagues to certain actions, phrases, movements.You will probably find out the reasons in a few days.
  • If you are trying to join a purely female team, then it certainly has gossip. And you can turn to them for help, often it really works. Just go to the most "inveterate" gossip, ask her to drink a cup of tea with a delicious cake and tell us about your problem. Tell them that you want to know why your colleagues do not treat you very well. Be sure to portray sadness so that everything looks believable. Surely the “talker” will tell you what other employees think about you.
  • If among your new colleagues there is a person who treats you normally or even more so, contact him for help. He can give some practical advice and help you find a common language with the rest of the staff.
  • If the situation is heating up, do not bring to the extreme point and do not torment yourself. Gather all your colleagues and just talk frankly with them. Tell us about your experiences and thoughts, ask why you do not want to take.

Good luck and patience!

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