How to grow large strawberries in containers

For planting garden strawberries, renovated varieties will fit in a container, for example, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2. Planting them can be eaten with strawberries until late autumn.

The process of planting strawberry garden in a container is as follows:

  1. Take a suitable capacity of 8-10 liters. In the bottom to do the drainage holes.
  2. Add a layer of sand or expanded clay to the bottom.
  3. Add nutritious soil composed of garden soil, humus and sand.
  4. Make the landing holes. Their number depends on the volume of the container (4 saplings can be planted in a 10-capacity container).
  5. Holes shed water and arrange seedlings in them.
  6. Fill the voids with the substrate so that the strawberry heart is at ground level.
  7. Arrange containers with planting in a bright place, but the first days after planting to cover them from direct sunlight with available materials.

In the future, strawberries in the container must provide good care, because in a limited space, the plants especially need timely watering and making supplements. Watering should be done in the morning or in the evening immediately after the top layer of the substrate in the container dries.

Fertilizers are applied more often than when growing strawberries in the open field. The procedure is carried out 5-10 times per season, using preparations of Kemira-Lux, Crystallin, Mortar and others. They are bred according to the recommendations of the manufacturers, and then introduced into the pre-moistened soil.

It is also necessary to periodically remove the whiskers, loosen the ground. During bad weather (on rainy or cool days), containers with strawberries are best transferred to a greenhouse. Before the onset of cold weather, containers with plants are dug into the ground and mulched with straw or sawdust. In this form, they are well tolerated even severe frosts.

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