How to grow healthy lettuce?

Everyone knows that vegetables are a real storehouse of nutrients for our body. Thus, leaf lettuce contains almost all groups of vitamins and minerals, as well as the necessary organic acids. In addition to a pleasant taste, this plant also has a very beneficial effect on the processes of digestion, normalizing them.

But there is one important condition that must be met in order to get the maximum benefit from the salad - you need to eat it fresh.

So simple, so indispensable

Find leaves of lettuce sowing can be almost year-round. Vegetable departments of supermarkets and enterprising summer residents know how to please fresh green lovers with green plants, even in winter.

But to grow a salad on their own is not at all difficult. This can be done both in the garden plot and at home.

But before you go to the store for seeds, it is necessary to examine the conditions necessary for the cultivation.

Temperature and light

Seeds are not afraid of low temperature and begin to grow already at + 4- + 5 degrees. Therefore, you need to sow them immediately after the snow melts.You can not worry if at night there are still small frosts. The sprouts that appear can easily withstand a -2-4 degree regime.

The leaves begin to actively grow at + 15 + 20 degrees, and by the middle of spring you will have a juicy and healthy sowing leaf on the table.

During the period of temperature increase the plant will give less green.

Also note that he needs a sufficient amount of light, so sowing seeds is better in an open area. If you missed the spring planting, then during the warmer period it is better to plant it in the shade to get a good harvest.


To the greens pleased you for a long time, it is worth preparing the ground well. It should be loose and fertilized. To make the best organic fertilizer. Remember that the soil with high acidity, as well as too thick clay is not suitable for salad. And the rest of the plant is unpretentious. Feel good sowing lettuce will be in place of the former growth of vegetables.

Where and which plant?

Having come to the store for seeds, it is easy to get confused, because there are many varieties of lettuce, each of which is different in its taste and characteristics.

In the open ground

Let's figure out which of them are suitable for growing in the suburban area. First of all, it is:

  • Riga;
  • Robin;
  • critset;
  • Odessa kucheryavets.

When the ground is already free of snow, you need to choose a place for landing and cover it with black film. For a few days the soil warms up, and then you need to start to sow.

To make the plant grow faster, you can make a small greenhouse with plastic wrap that will hold the desired level of moisture. If you bought an ordinary leaf lettuce, then the distance between the grooves in the ground may be less. If it is a bush sort, then you need to give it a little more space.

In the greenhouse

Also, you can grow a green "storehouse of vitamins" in a greenhouse. For this suitable varieties such as:

  • lollo rossa;
  • Moscow greenhouse;
  • Riga

If the greenhouse is heated, the greens can grow in it even in winter. If there is no heating, then sowing begins in early March. Cultivation is no different from the same method on the site, with the only condition - a sufficient level of ventilation.

You should also ensure that the soil is dry, otherwise, falling on wet ground, lettuce leaves will quickly rot.

Can and at home

For those who did not have time to acquire a garden or a garden plot, there is also good news - lettuce can be grown at home.

This can be done in ordinary flower pots, but better in a special container. It is recommended to choose one of the early ripening varieties:

  • May;
  • Odessa;
  • head out

To create the necessary conditions for soil moisture content, it is necessary, first of all, to drain. To do this, at the bottom of the container, you can lay one or two layers of padding polyester, which will absorb and retain moisture. To create a greenhouse effect, the container is covered with a transparent film.

Growing a salad on the windowsill, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will often have to be watered, because a small root system is not able to cope with this need.

Spray sprouting sprouts from the spray gun daily and periodically water the soil itself.


And now, when you already know how to grow leaf lettuce, it remains only to harvest. This can be done when the leaves reach a height of at least 8 cm. Make sure that they are not wet, because in this form the storage period is limited to 1 day.

Wash the plant should be immediately before use, and after that it is desirable to dry. Otherwise, you risk losing some of the nutrients.

Tasty, juicy and very healthy leaf salad will be an excellent addition to main dishes, as well as an indispensable ingredient of vitamin-vegetable mixes.

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