How to glue wallpaper for painting?

In the modern market of materials for repair there is a huge selection of wallpapers. There are special among them, intended for painting. This allows you to translate into reality all the ideas and wishes of the customer. This product is quite new and not very common, so not everyone knows how to glue wallpaper for painting.

Such wallpapers are distinguished by a deep relief of textures and the absence of a multi-colored pattern. These features allow you to experiment in the interior design of the room.

As a rule, sticking wallpaper for painting is a rather time-consuming process, it requires the utmost precision and accuracy from the performers. All work needs to be done so that bubbles do not appear, which can further spoil the whole look of the room.

So, here are the basic rules of how to glue wallpaper for painting.


  1. First, pick the glue properly. For paper wallpaper suitable universal or glue for paper wallpaper. If the wallpaper is non-woven or glass fiber - they need specialized glue for the respective species.
  2. The next important point is the proper preparation of the walls. It includes:
    • cleaning of old wallpaper (paint);
    • puttying all cracks, holes and crevices;
    • plaster walls for leveling the surface;
    • After the plaster has completely dried, it should be treated with a glue primer. This is done the day before wallpapering.

Work with wallpaper

  1. Correct measure wallpaper. To do this, measure the height of the walls from the floor to the ceiling and add a margin of 5-10 centimeters. Having measured the desired length on a roll, draw a line with a ruler and cut off the wallpaper sheet strictly along the line with a construction knife or scissors.
  2. You need to start wallpaper glueing on the left side of the window moving counterclockwise. For accuracy with the help of a level gauge (plummet) we draw a vertical line on the wall at a distance of 50 centimeters from the window. Along this line you will be able to level the first wallpaper sheet.
  3. After that, you can start applying glue. If you are using glass wall paper, then the glue should be applied only on the wall, since the wallpaper itself is very heavy. Paper and non-woven need to glue completely. Glue should be applied to the wallpaper and wait 5 minutes until they are soaked, after which you can begin to stick.
  4. Glue paper or non-woven wallpaper, you must first press the upper part of the strip, aligning it with a vertical line. After that, using a special spatula wallpaper pressed against the wall and ironed along the entire length from the center to the edges. By the same principle, the second sheet is glued. You need to level it along the edge of the first.
  5. If the strip stuck crookedly - remove it and do the work again.
  6. The joints of the wallpaper are smoothed with a clean cloth without applying strong pressure - this can damage the design.
  7. In order to cut the wallpaper smoothly along the floor and ceiling lines, you need to press it with a spatula to the wall (as a stop) and cut off the excess with a construction knife.
  8. When working with corners, wallpaper for painting needs to be glued so that the sheet goes to the next side of the corner. The next strip is stuck with overlap. To remove the extra layer, using a ruler and a level gauge, make a cut exactly in the middle of the double layer. The upper and lower cut strips are removed, and the junction is neatly smoothed.
  9. If there is an outlet (switch) on the wall, then it is removed, leaving only a sticking wire. The wallpaper sheet is glued completely onto the wall and a hole is made in it. After drying, the outlet is returned to the place.

Now you know how to stick wallpaper for painting. We wish you patience and good luck in your work.

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