How to glue matches?

Natalia Khudyakova
Natalia Khudyakova
February 19, 2013
How to glue matches?

Probably each of us, as a child, quietly took a box of matches in the kitchen and tried to build a house or some other craft out of this set of identical “logs”. Most cool off to this venture in a couple of days. But those few who have truly captured the construction process from such a small and fragile material often create magnificent handicrafts that attract attention to themselves at any exhibition. Matches are really inexpensive and convenient for creativity material available to everyone.

How to glue matches when creating crafts

First of all, matches should be sorted - they should be smooth, of equal thickness and with the same color of wood. Then carefully separate the heads from the base of the match with a sharp knife or scalpel. The resulting "logs" should be the same length for the convenience of working with them. After that, you can begin to assemble the intended design. It is more convenient to glue small parts first (for example, individual walls), and then to assemble an entire building from them.Obviously, the connection will be the stronger, the greater the area of ​​contact of a pair of matches.

What glue to glue matches

In principle, any glue that can glue wood is suitable for gluing matches, but practice has shown that it is most convenient to use ordinary PVA; it is odorless, harmless to those who work with it, is inexpensive, leaves no traces, and provides sufficient bonding strength. For durable bonding should take the PVA consistency of liquid sour cream. More liquid - does not guarantee strong pasting, and too thick - difficult to apply on the surface.

If it is necessary to glue metal or plastic elements to a wooden structure, then it is convenient to use the Moment all-purpose adhesive or epoxy glue.

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