How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

First of all, you should evaluate the condition of your skin: if it is dull, rough and sluggish, then you have some problems with blood circulation and saturation of tissues with necessary substances. Therefore, you should carefully peel the skin and saturate it with vitamins. Use a scrub several times a week, the skin will instantly shine and tighten, dead skin particles will peel off, blood circulation will improve and skin renewal will occur much faster.
After the exfoliating procedures, you should use masks: remember the useful components that fight wrinkles and experiment safely! Olive oil, apricot oil and citrus fruits help wonderfully. Here is a rather simple recipe for a vitamin and tightening mask that will maintain your skin tone and saturate it with vitamins. Heat a small amount of oil, add grapefruit pulp and a teaspoon of honey previously purified from the skin.For the mass density, you can add milled oatmeal, rich in vitamin B, which plays not the last role in the metabolic and regenerative processes of the skin.
You can also make masks of cream from cottage cheese, adding to them the pulp of fruits and berries: strawberries or cherries, for example, containing a huge amount of valuable substances for your skin. Cherry, moreover, perfectly improves the complexion and strengthens the vascular walls of the skin, it will always be in good shape and will not sag.
Perfectly refreshes the skin and smoothes wrinkles kaolin (white clay). It can be used both alone and in combination with many other excellent and effective ingredients: for example, rosemary, lemon, orange or grapefruit oil. The mass should be warm, so the effect is noticeably enhanced and all substances penetrate the skin much better. If you have dry skin, add a little bit of olive oil, it works surprisingly well in combination with essential oils.
Of course, some masks can not do: you obviously should do the exercises. Aloneforeheadthere are about 45 different muscles, and their tension leads to the formation of wrinkles.Close your eyes, place your fingertips onforeheadand start and try to lower the skin as it were. Do not strain your head and neck, try to act with the muscles near the eyebrows. You can also lie down and try to relax the facial muscles as much as possible - and you will feel how the skin relaxes and wrinkles are smoothed! You can do a light massage, activating blood circulation. To do this, rub light cream or nourishing oil in the direction from the center of the forehead to the edges, without stretching the skin, as if by stroking it.

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