How to get rid of heartburn

Heartburn photoAccording to statistics, every second citizen of Russia is familiar with such a concept as heartburn. But even this prevalence does not interfere with the existence of a huge number of myths associated with the emergence and treatment of this disease. In this article we will understand how to get rid of heartburn.


Heartburn causes.



First, let's find out what is heartburn? This is an extremely uncomfortable sensation in the chest, accompanied by burning sensation throughout the esophagus. In other words, heartburn is a burning sensation in the esophagus.


Why is this happening? The answer is how to offer a small anatomical excursion. The stomach and esophagus are separated by a kind of valve - the sphincter. It turns out something like a checkpoint closed in the normal state. The sphincter opens only when the food "approaches" to it. And since it is normally closed, the gastric juice cannot enter the esophagus. But there is a moment when the checkpoint (sphincter) starts to fail.Such an aggressive substance, as the gastric juice enters the esophagus, and there is heartburn.


What could be the reason for the failure of the sphincter? In other words, the causes of heartburn? The most common is a hiatus hernia or weakening of the muscles of the sphincter itself. Other causes are familiar to medicine, but they are much less common.


For example, heartburn can develop as a result of wearing very tight and constricting clothing — pants that are very tight in the belt area or a very tight trouser belt. All this leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and provokes the development of heartburn.Heartburn photo


Also, heartburn can be the result of certain mental disorders, arthritis, or diabetes.


Quickly get rid of heartburn.



Many people at the first sign of trying to quickly get rid of heartburn with the help of soda. But this can not be done in any case. The question may arise why? After all, soda for heartburn always helps. It's not like that at all. Everyone has seen the reaction that occurs when soda is mixed with vinegar. Approximately this happens inside our body. As a result of the interaction of gastric juice with soda, a largethe amount of foam, the walls of the esophagus are stretched, which leads to an even greater fit of heartburn. Only a little later.


What to do with a heartburn attack? This feeling is very difficult to endure. In this case, you should always carry with you some remedy for heartburn, which inhibits the acidity of the stomach. It can be Gastal, Fosfalugel or Rennie. And what if there was no medicine for heartburn at hand? In this case, simple mineral water or sucking candies without sugar will help.


Treatment of heartburn folk methods.



Like any other disease, it is possible to treat heartburn with folk methods. Most often for this purpose infusions of herbs are used. Two glasses of boiling water pour a mixture of one tablespoon of chamomile and one tablespoon of wormwood. Infusion should be prepared within 2 hours. Take it in half a glass before and after meals.


Treatment of heartburn.



How to get rid of heartburnAll of what was written above, more relieves the symptoms of heartburn, but does not cure it. How effective are the folk remedies in the treatment of any disease, doctors are still arguing, and to some one opinion they never came. If heartburn hurts you for a week or more, then this is a reason to consult a physician or a gastroenterologist.Health workers will examine the body and determine the true causes of heartburn.


As a result, you will be offered a medicine for heartburn. There are a lot of them - Kontrolok, Omeprazole, Pantoprazole and others. Ask your doctor about your lifestyle, factors that can directly or indirectly cause heartburn. If the burning is caused by other diseases, then they should be treated.


Diet for heartburn.



The best remedy is simply not to provoke the occurrence of heartburn. This is only possible with certain rules of nutrition. Diet for heartburn has several limitations. It should be excluded from the diet, or, if possible, minimize the consumption of foods that provoke an increase in acidity in the body. These are citrus fruits, cocoa and coffee, garlic and onions, seasonings, pepper, ketchup, spices, pickled products, vinegar, chocolate, mint, menthol, carbonated drinks, white bread. The list is quite impressive. Is not it? And what then? But it is more correct to say not only what is possible, but also how it is possible. If you suffer from severe heartburn, then you should reduce the amount of food consumed at a time.You can eat a portion for 2 times, or initially impose a little less on the plate. The best diet for heartburn is 6 meals a day. Of the products the most favorable will be uncooked and lean meat, a variety of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, juices of non-citrus crops, non-carbonated mineral water.

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