How to get rid of a headache without medication

You will need
  • - a little common sense
  • - a little space for movement
  • - the desire to stop torment quickly
For acute pains in the head, walking or jogging helps a lot The brain gets its legitimate dose of oxygen, and the headache quickly subsides. With migraine, this method is not suitable, because the pain is caused by other reasons.
Great gymnastics for neck muscles helps with pains in the head. Perform these exercises, gently stretching the muscles, 10-15 times in a row.
• Bend your head to the left shoulder, then to the right.
• Turn your head to the left, as far as possible, then to the right.
When doing the second exercise, look ahead or close your eyes.
If the headache caused an overstrain, the warm bath perfectly will help. If rosemary is added to the water, the muscles will be provided with additional blood flow.If the bath is not available, use a hairdryer. Turn it on and massage your hot neck with your hot air, neck and shoulders.
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The causes of pain in the head can vary from a sudden increase in blood pressure to a violation of posture. Office employees often have a headache from the fact that, when improperly seated at the table, the shoulders are usually elevated, and the neck muscles are overstretched. Large vessels supplying the brain with oxygen and nutrients are pinched, and the head begins to ache. There are several ways to get rid of a headache without medication.
Helpful advice
If over-exertion headaches often torment you, acupuncture or Shiatsu massage can give excellent results.

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