How to get an administrator in the club

If you want to get a clubby adminTo meet and accompany guests (hostesses), you do not need any special skills. But before the first interview it is better to find out exactly how the administrator works inthe club. After all, if there is a reception and there are cash settlements with visitors, you will have to know the basic computer programs and be able to work with the cash register.
Go to the place you want to work as a visitor. So you will see for yourself what the job of the administrator is. Let's say you want to get a fitness club. The work of the administrator at the rescue in sportsthe clubIt consists in meeting guests, informing them about the services of the club, selling cards and personal training, scheduling, calling customers. You must understand sports directions, be able to convince and convey the necessary information, to resolve controversial conflicts.
Another thing if you want to work at nightthe club. There are more appreciated bright appearance, well-groomed appearance, sociability, stress resistance, ability to make decisions quickly and listen to the client. This work is physically difficult - after all, most of the time the clubs work is night, and you have to spend 12 hours on your feet.
If you do not want to communicate directly with customers, arrangeby adminto the company. In this position, you have to coordinate the life of the office - order the necessary things (office, water, etc.), coordinate the work of couriers and drivers, make purchases (for example, in the technical center), schedule employees. Here you will find the skills of office work useful, as the administrator partially assumes the secretarial functions.
For the device in the desired place, you can simply come to the office and leave your resume. As a rule, in such posts a large turnover of personnel. The main thing is to look at the personal interview according to the status of the institution. If this is a nightclub, you can come in an informal clubwear with bright makeup. If it is a solid company, dress in a strict suit according to the dress code.

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