How to fix an air mattress?

Air mattress is practical, inexpensive and convenient. But, unfortunately, it can be damaged, and then its operation will become impossible. And yet you should not say goodbye to him, he can be brought back to life.

Possible causes of damage

Although the material from which the air mattress is made is quite durable, such a product can still be damaged, and this often happens.

  • Puncture due to falling under the mattress of a small but sharp object, for example, a piece of glass.
  • Pets. If a cat passes through the mattress, its claws will probably leave openings on the surface.
  • Violation of the integrity of the seams due to excessive inflation, that is, air overflow. If the product is not very high quality, the joints will be its weak side.
  • Burning. The cause may be a cigarette falling on the surface, melting due to thermal effects (for example, a nearby fire, a candle), a spark, or a hot ember.

How to detect the damage site?

If the damage is minor, then problems may arise already at the stage of his search. But still it is quite possible to find a hole, and in several ways:

  • Find the quietest room, inflate the mattress, and then begin to put pressure on him and listen. A whistling exhaust sound will indicate damage.
  • If you are in nature near a reservoir, then place the product in water and begin to squeeze it. By forming bubbles, you can find a hole.
  • Press on the inflated mattress and move your hand over its surface. When you feel a thin stream of air, carefully examine the area to detect the hole. But if the hole is small, this method may not work.
  • Use a soap solution. Rub a piece of soap, dissolve it in half a glass of warm water, mix everything well before foaming (you can use shampoo or liquid soap, it is much easier). Next, with a brush or sponge, apply the composition to the entire surface of the mattress and begin to put pressure on it. A bubble should inflate at the site of damage.
  • The next method is complicated and time consuming. You need to fill the mattress with water and start squeezing it.Through the hole will begin to stand out liquid, which can be seen by a drop or a thin stream.
  • Wipe the mattress with a damp cloth, and then wrap with food film, well pressed it to the surface. Apply pressure to the product. Damage will be in the place where an air bubble is formed under the film.

Tip: do not forget to mark the areas of damage with chalk or felt-tip pen.

How to repair damage?

How to properly seal the air mattress? If you find damage, prepare everything you need and take action.

What is required?

First you need to prepare everything you need:

  • Glue. But not everybody is suitable, it is best to use it intended for rubber products, for example, polyurethane.
  • Patch. You can use pieces of old rubber products, patches from the kit for the repair of automotive cameras, as well as a thick PVC film.
  • Not too aggressive degreasing agent, for example, alcohol or gasoline.
  • Pen or felt-tip pen.
  • For applying glue need a brush.
  • Scissors.
  • Hair dryer
  • Any cargo.

What to do?

If you have everything you need, then put the mattress on a solid flat surface and proceed:

  1. First you need to make a blank, that is, cut a patch of the desired size. It should be about 3-4 centimeters larger than the damage area. Draw a shape of the desired shape on the material (it is best rounded, since the sharp edges will constantly touch, which can lead to peeling off the patch).
  2. Attach the patch to the damage site and circle it with a felt pen or pen.
  3. Treat the surface with a degreaser to remove all contaminants and ensure full adhesion of the elements.
  4. Now apply glue to the marked area without leaving the contours. The tool is applied evenly and not too thick, otherwise it will take a lot of time to completely dry, and the patch will not be fully fixed. It is most convenient to distribute the composition with a brush.
  5. Leave the glue for about five minutes to dry a little and get the right consistency. Then literally half a minute dry it with a hair dryer to activate the adhesives.
  6. Now attach a patch to the marked and glue-treated area and press it down well. Spread the material, moving from the center to the edges, to expel all air bubbles (you can walk around the area with a roller).
  7. Then you can attach some weight to the zone, for example, a thick and weighty book or something else (so that the object does not stick, put a plastic bag under it). Leave the product for a day to let the glue dry completely.

If the seam is damaged, then it is necessary to act a little differently. First, treat it with a degreasing agent, and then gently apply glue along the line, going beyond the edges of the damage. For reliability, apply several layers (each previous one should completely dry before applying the next one).

Useful recommendations

A few tips to help you quickly and accurately repair the mattress:

  • If the damage is on the velor side, the patch will not adhere fully to the surface due to the nap. So first you need to remove it so that the material becomes smooth (this will increase the adhesion of the patch to the mattress). To do this, you can use acetone: moisten a cotton pad or stick in it and gently but actively rub the area. Villi should be removed and remain on the fleece. If the first time you did not succeed, then apply the composition is repeated and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Do not use a quick-drying so-called "super-glue", it consists of aggressive components that can damage the material.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the work done, about a day after the repair, perform a check, that is, perform a search for damage by one of the methods listed above.
  • If the mattress is large, then squeezing it during the search for damage by their own hands is very problematic. You can either lie completely down on it, or ask someone for help, or use a heavy object, putting it on the product.
  • In one of the specialized stores you can purchase a ready-made repair kit to repair damages on the mattresses. It includes glue, patch, as well as detailed instructions that will allow you to make repairs at home quickly and without problems.

Now you can accurately repair the air mattress.

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