How to find love in the new year, or New Year promises for singles

Become more social

Try different ways of communication - from sharpened to "fast effect" applications like Tinder to a non-binding regular pastime in the community. For example, if you are doing part of the work outside the office, then do it not at home, but in a cafe or in coworking space. Do not devote Saturday to a sofa in the living room, but to some kind of lecture or film screening with a discussion. Test not only online dating, but also offline clubs for dating, which are in each city.

How to find love in the new year, or New Year promises for singles

Learn to say no

For example, men who come with you on a date just to kill time or organize yourself a sexual express adventure. Do not waste time on people who are not interested in you, and do not settle for a relationship just to be with someone and, most importantly, not alone. Because later life will show that with a person you are not interested in, you will still feel lonely, even if you have a stamp in your passport.

Spend a "clean" privacy

This general cleaning should have two important phases. The first is to admit that your already completed novel was just an experience, neither positive, nor negative, nor (in any case!) A model to follow. The second is to look at the circle of friends that you have, and to analyze whether it affects negatively your personal life. If your girlfriends gather only for the sake of "collective hunting" or discuss only their husbands and children and repeat to you that it's time to settle down already, you will not get anything good from such an environment.

How to find love in the new year, or New Year promises for singles

Get out of the frame type

Do not look for a partner as a felon on a fotobot: he should have such a form of nose, he must work in such and such a place ... Start from the sensations: he just should make you happy with his presence, and work (and the nose, by the way!) can be changed repeatedly for life.

Meet friends more often

Because they sincerely love you and with them are even more fun than with many guys. Spending time with your soulmate is fine, but still nothing compares to a girl's birthday, which starts with cakes and champagne, and ends on the dance floor in the club, as if turning into a home karaoke.

How to find love in the new year, or New Year promises for singles

Stop comparing yourself with married girlfriends

Separate yours and their universes: it’s not fair to say that someone lives better, you just exist in completely different planes. The fact that you do not have a partner does not make you inferior or unhappy, because the single status has irrefutable advantages, which your married girlfriends prefer to keep quietly coquettish (for example, the same "burden of responsibility").

Make yourself the rules of online dating

If you use websites or dating apps, then a clearer strategy that at least helps save time will not hurt you. If you have been chatting for two days and both are showing interest, then it makes no sense to wait any longer - it's time to schedule a real meeting. So you will quickly understand if there is an attraction between you and whether it is worth communicating further.

How to find love in the new year, or New Year promises for singles

Take a trip alone

It may seem that this material defends the opposite point of view, but in reality it is lonely - it's even cool, because it means including being free. How about buying a ticket to Amsterdam for the next weekend? Download the map of the city in the phone, stay at the hostel, take a minimum of things and walk all day long around the city, occasionally bothering with high handsome under the brand name of a "lost tourist".Do not be surprised if then you decide that this was the best holiday in your life.

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