How to feed a kitten

How to feed a kitten

How and what you need to feed the kitten correctly?

During the times of the Soviet Union, no one thought about how to feed a kitten so that it grew up beautiful and healthy, just poured milk in a saucer, not really thinking about caring for it. Now a variety of food for a kitten is not inferior to baby food:

  • mixtures;
  • cat milk;
  • special puree for kittens.

This is not surprising, because many treat their little pet as a child, surrounding it with care and attention. Although such guardianship is more typical of single people, everyone should be responsible for treating the pet. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to feed the kitten, how many times to feed the kitten correctly. If you do not already have a kitten, then maybe you think about another pet and read information on how to choose a hamster.


What can feed the kittens?



For a start, do not rush to select a kitten from a familiar cat while it is tiny. Your sudden desire to have a small "lump of happiness" at home can cost him health, and even life.A mother cat should feed him and teach him to basic things, such as going to the toilet in a tray or on the street. Besides, with cat's milk, it, just like a newborn baby, absorbs the necessary trace elements and strengthens its immunity. The most optimal is to take a monthly kitten, in rare cases of three weeks.


For your pet you need to buy not deep bowls for milk and water, a toilet tray, if the kitten is not yet a month old, then it is better to take a mixture for it that replaces cat milk. Sometimes it happens that you get a kitten very small, then you will need to feed it with a syringe for ten cubes or a small baby bottle and cleaning agent in places where the kitten “went to the toilet”. These are certainly not the products that concern how to feed the kitten, but they will be needed, unless of course you are attracted by the need to go to the pet store again and can create all the conditions for caring for cats to be the best.


How and what you need to feed the kitten correctly?

What you need to feed the kitten?

To feed a kitten you need to purchase the following products on the market or in a supermarket:

  • cottage cheese;
  • several servings of mashed potatoes with meat for children;
  • fat milk;
  • fresh cream;
  • semolina;
  • medium-sized raw fish (several units);
  • eggs;
  • beef;
  • carrot;
  • an Apple;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • cucumber.

Vegetables are necessary in order to determine whether they will like a kitten, because they contain a lot of vitamins, so necessary for him.


Now you can start cooking. Mix in one bowl milk and cream, another bowl filled with clean water. It will be just fine if the kitten immediately goes to the bowls and starts to try what and where, then there will be no need to wet it with a muzzle in bowls. So do you need to, if you do not know how to properly feed the kitten in 1 month. When the kitten is bigger, he already understands well where the water is and where the milk is.


Cook a kitten semolina porridge without sugar, sweet cats can not be given, liquid and without lumps. The kitten must taste it, and then it will be her pleasure to eat. It is very useful for him, so cook porridge as often as possible.


Give the kitten a variety of meat that needs to be heat treated. Kittens willingly and quickly eat meat. They can be given beef, chicken breast (without bone).It is necessary to cut the meat for the kitten in small pieces, the smaller the pet, the smaller the pieces, and serve it to him. Vegetables can be given raw.


How many times do you need to feed a kitten?



And finally, the question is how often to feed the kitten, having at hand such a variety of products, from which it is necessary to prepare a kitten food, so that it does not overeat. Of course, there are schedules for feeding kittens depending on their age, but this is all quite difficult and not everyone will stick to it. Giving a kitten food on demand and every time he will eat up to the dump, also will not bring benefits to his health. Let's consider the best feeding option.


At the age of a kitten from one month to six kittens can be fed up to 5 times a day, then you need to gradually switch to three meals a day. Already closer to the year you need to teach a kitten to eat twice a day. This is a fairly simple scheme of how many times you need to feed the kitten. Reduce the number of meals, depending on the state of your kitten.



Another principle of feeding a kitten concerns how much food to give a kitten, depending on its age.If you feed the kitten with mixtures and special feeds, then they will indicate how much food should be given to the kitten. As for dishes for a kitten, which you prepare yourself from the above products, then count the amount of food approximately in the following ratio: 200 grams of food per kilogram of body weight per day.


How to feed a month old kitten

How to feed a month old kitten?

This volume is divided into equal parts by the number of receptions per day and give the kitten food in parts, this will be the optimal diet for your pet. So you will know exactly how often and how much to feed the kitten. We advise in advance, get acquainted with the information on how to wean the cat to scratch the wallpaper.


Let's consider the question of what kind of food to feed the kitten. Even the most loving mistress, who admires her pet, will not want to cook a kitten for a whole year. Often it happens that there is neither the time nor the energy to cook something, I just want to give him canned food and fall into bed. In such cases, as a temporary replacement of food, you can use ready-made cat food. In a specialty store, sellers will insist,for you to buy a supply of dry food for your pet, arguing that they know exactly how to feed the kitten. But you should not be carried on these tricks.


Feed your pet regular food, but let them have a few packs of dry food and canned food for kittens. It is not necessary to abuse them, so that the kitten is not used to them and then did not refuse from ordinary food. It is better to read how to feed a month-old kitten and prepare him yolks, milk, cream, meat, fish, etc., and the ready cat food will only be temporary and rare replacement of normal nutrition, then you will grow a healthy kitten.

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