How to expand the space of a small kitchen

You can increase the visual space in the kitchen with the help of proper lighting and the presence of a glossy stretch ceiling. Be sure to place the light bulbs above the work area and the dining table. If possible, use as many built-in light bulbs as possible so that the light is in sufficient quantity.
If there is not enough free space, refuse the door that opens into the room. Put the sliding doors, and even better make the arch, which will expand the kitchen aperture.
The actual solution for a small kitchen is the installation of a bar counter, which can replace the dining area or become a workplace. However, this option is only suitable for a small family, not exceeding four people.
If the kitchen does not have enough space to install the work surface, make the most of the space of the window sill.It can easily be expanded and turned into a beautiful work area with a view from the window and good lighting.
Choose a sink only round shape, which takes up much less space and also is more spacious. Try in general to use in the organization of the kitchen space oval or round shapes that conceal the modest dimensions of the room.
Of course, a large number of cabinets greatly narrows the space of the room and makes it bulky. Prefer hanging shelves or high shelves. Place different hooks and hangers above the stove and in the work area. Leave at least one wall free of furniture and household appliances so that your eyes can rest here.

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