How to enchant items in Minecraft?

The ability to enchant in Minecraft gives you many advantages. You can make your weapon stronger, armor - stronger, and tools - more efficient. How to enchant things in Minecraft, and what do you need for this? Now we will understand.

What you need to enchant items in Minecraft

  • Enchanting table;
  • The thing you want to enchant (weapons, armor, tools, book);
  • Levels of experience.

First you need to make an enchanting table. The scheme of its creation looks like this:

_ K _



Where K is a book, A is a diamond, O is obsidian.

Minecraft Enchantment Table

Next, prepare the item for enchantment. On the table you can enchant:

  • sword of any material;
  • bow;
  • tools from any material (ax, pickaxe, shovel);
  • armor from any material (boots, pants, bib, helmet);
  • books.

The price of enchanting things in Minecraft is experience. It can be obtained by killing monsters, mining and melting ore. Experience is also given for cooking, catching fish and raising animals or directly from experience cans that can be obtained from villagers.To enchant one thing, you may need from level one to thirty.

Enchanting process

Set the table and right click on it. The enchantment screen will appear. Put the item in a special slot under the image of the book. On the right, there are three possible variants of enchantment, where the green figure is the price for this enchantment in levels. If you are not satisfied with the set of options offered, you can remove the item and reinstall it in the slot. Then the proposed enchantment will be accidentally replaced by others. The spell names are encrypted, so the result is random.

Increase spell power

On the table you can make enchanting price from the first to the eighth level, this is not the most powerful spell. The table can be strengthened with the help of bookshelves. For maximum efficiency, you will need fifteen blocks of bookshelves. Arrange them around the table through one empty block so that letters start flying from the bookshelves to the table. If you want to reduce the level of the proposed enchantment, it is enough to put a torch or any other block between the table and the bookshelf.

Enchanted books

On the table enchanting, except for equipment, you can enchant the book.Books are used to carry and store enchantments. For example, if right now you do not have the necessary sword and you are afraid of losing levels, you can enchant a book and put it in the chest. Also, the book can be useful if you need to put on the subject of a certain, rather than random charm.

Transfer of enchantment from the book to the subject is carried out on the anvil. Place the item in the left slot, and the book in the right slot. The transfer will cost several additional levels. With the help of books, you can enchant things that are not available on the table, or put charms that are not available for this type of things. For example, you can impose the property "Indestructible" on the bow, sword, armor, fishing pole, lighter, scissors and hoe.

Now you know how to enchant in Minecraft and use enchanted books.

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